Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Valentino Donna Perfume Review


I'm here to share with you a perfume favourite I have had for a while now. The Valentino scent - Donna.

I used to be obsessed with perfumes and had a large amount of them to brag about but over the years I have culled my collection with only a few go-to scents to choose from.

When I was walking through Myer I saw and reluctantly (because of the price) tried on the latest Valentino scent and immediately fell in love. I was obsessed with the perfect middle-ground between floral and fruity. It hits the right notes between sexy and sophisticated making it my absolute favourite scent of the moment.

When it comes to scent I look for something that can transition from day to night. In our busy everyday lives, we need something easy and simple so when I am coming from work to an event later that evening I need something versatile.

This is the perfect balance that is classy but also very feminine so it is almost like a confidence boost spritzing myself with the lavish scent each day. I love how subtle it is because I feel that strong scents can sometimes be overpowering when you are wearing it for daily use.  

It smells of sweet tangy fruit and sot musky flowers all wrapped together in a beautiful bouquet that is so well refined.

The bottle is absolutely stunning with a quilted glass packaging and shiny gold accents (including a ‘Valentino’ plaque). The perfume formulation is a rosy pink which further adds that feminine feel to wearing it.

There isn’t too much you can say about scent because it is quite a personal thing and I may interpret a scent differently to how you might. Also the fact that the perfume can react differently on each person’s skin.

Thanks for reading!