Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Things To Do Before 2019 - Make The Rest of 2018!

2018 is coming to a close and now is a better time than ever to get your affairs into order! 

Today I’m coming at you with a list of important tasks to get you ready for 2019 so that you start the new year with a clean slate, feeling refreshed and organised for the year ahead. Get a start on this stuff now so that you don’t feel behind the eight ball when it hits Jan 1st and you’re hungover.

These are some things I have done in the past week that have made me feel confident, excited and prepared for 2019.

Create a solid morning routine 
Start getting into your groove now so you’re already in the routine for 2019. Pick a few things you want to do each morning, that align with your goals, and watch everything fall into place. Just as an example next year I want to learn Italian, read 40 books, meditate, write and exercise yoga daily… by rolling these into a morning routine it means I achieve most of my goals all before 9am.

Sort out your finances 
Don’t bring any debt into the new year by paying off any credit cards now or paying your bills in advance for January. I know it’s a difficult time of year to cut down on spending but by having a more conservative Christmas you can get ahead financially so that you don’t go into 2019 with money pressures.

Back up all your important documents onto Dropbox 
Go through your computer and back up all photos, documents and files into a neatly organised Dropbox account so you have peace of mind that if your computer decides to break on you – everything is safely backed up. Backup all phone photos onto a hard drive Photos are something incredibly important to me because they document my life in a way where I can look back and remember things I otherwise wouldn’t. So I make sure I have everything backed up on a hard drive for safe keeping.

Wrap up any goals you had for 2018 
Did you say you wanted to be more charitable but have hardly donated this year? Christmas is the perfect time to engage in charity work! Or did you say you were going to cut out sugar but never got around to it? It’s not too late to get a start on any unfinished business or even kick start your 2019 goals!

Kick any bad habits before the new year 
Do you want to drink less or maybe use social media less? Do a phone detox for 24 hours or go a week without drinking before the Christmas celebrations really kick off. It is never too late to let go of all the toxic stuff before the new year.

Update your LinkedIn / resume / social media profiles 
Whether you changed jobs or just hair colour – updating your profiles with current information is a way to get your career ready for 2019.

Clear your email accounts 
Have a deep clean through all your inboxes so that you haven’t missed any pressing end of year issues, bills or outstanding tasks to do. Delete your drafts folder and file any important emails away. Clear inbox – clear mind.

Set up your new diary 
Start playing around with diaries and calendar systems that work for you so that you start 2019 with a clear idea of how you’re going to organise your appointments, meetings, obligations and all that life stuff.

Set your 2019 goals and create a roadmap on how to achieve them. 
Following a similar concept to setting up your diary, it is important to get clear on your goals AND how you will go about achieving them. Without goals and plans to reach them, you are like a ship that has set sail with no destination. Keep it under 10 achievements you hope to reach in the new year and reverse engineer each goal to the point where you are now. Do you want to reach 26 books this year? That’s 1 a fortnight…so set up a timeline of what books you want to read and expected finish dates so you can cross them off your list as you go.

If you are anything like me, and chances are if you are reading this your brain works similarly, then these tips will set you up to launch in 2019 fully prepared – mentally, financially and physically.


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