Thursday, April 25, 2019

Improve Your Health With Filtered Water

We all want to lead a healthy lifestyle and do the best we can to care for our bodies but we easily overlook opportunities to better improve our health. There are so many small things you can do to holistically make a big difference in how you feel and water is a good place to start. 

Of course, we know all about how incredible water is and how absolutely essential it is for our survival but we don’t often stop and think about the type of water we’re drinking. I mean, why should we? It’s just water right…

That’s what I thought too until my attention was brought water filters and how they can boost the quality of your water. In this post I’m going to be talking about GlacialPure and explaining the benefits of filtered water, so that we all know what exactly is going on. It’s all about education and knowing how we can use this knowledge to benefit our health so I’m really excited to get right into it… 

So first up – what is GlacialPure

They are a water filter manufacturer for smart refrigerators. They use modern techniques to cater to the requirements of every customer. GlacialPure came in to existence when the founder William W. saw children consuming contaminated water in Africa. He decided it was high time to ensure that every household gets easy access to clean water. After William and his friends talked about their ideas, the two decided to produce affordable, high-quality water filters. GlacialPure water filters are available in various designs, keeping in mind a wide range of refrigerators available in the market. I have partnered with GlacialPure on this post to spread awareness about the brand and better explain the benefits of filtered water. I hope that as a community we can continue to learn and grow together and change our habits accordingly.

Okay so now we know what the product is, let’s touch on the very valid question - why filter water? 

Something I wasn’t aware of you may also not know is that our ground drinking resources are seriously affected by nutrient pollution! I know we all hear about how the quality of our vegetables has been decreasing over the years in line with lack of nutrition in the soil but water is also affected! We rely on our water through sources such as lakes, rivers and streams but these ground drinking resources have been affected in huge amounts! They have been impaired by excessive amounts of nitrogen and phosphorus. These are water filters that remove chlorine but also strip back a lot of the nutrients usually found in water.

So just like eating supermarket vegetables is a lot like eating a nutritional case of something but it lacking all the proper vitamins and minerals, drinking over processed water means you aren’t getting those incredible nutrients you otherwise would need. A huge amount of these water sources are impaired by excessive amounts of nitrogen and phosphorus. Water filters that remove chlorine.

So what’s so wrong with over processing this water? 

Consuming un-filtered water has caused many health issues within our society. Dental fluorosis, caused by excess fluoride, has emerged as a problem. 99% of all fluoride added to water goes to the environment. So what GlacialPure have managed is to produce refrigerator water filters are enabled to reduce 70 plus contaminants by it high-efficient coconut activated carbon, including 99% of lead, mercury, chlorine, pollutants, pesticides, pharma or cysts.

I don’t know about you, but I found all of this seriously interesting and jumped at the opportunity to partner with an expert in the field and explore this topic further! I hope that this has equipped you with the necessary knowledge to make informed choices about your health and maybe consider a water filter as the next step in this! You can use the coupon code APRIL586 for $3 off on any order. Head HERE to shop!


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