Tuesday, April 30, 2019

How I Grew My Hair Long FAST - 5 Hair Growth Hacks

Recently I have been admiring how much my hair has grown this year and lowkey impressed with how I managed to get it into such good condition after years of dealing with damaged locks. 

I'm going to be honest, I did have to make a LOAD of changes in order for me to start growing out my hair but it has been totally worth it. So I thought I would sit down today and share with you all the tips and tricks that have actually worked for me.

1. Colour
Hands down I feel like this has made the biggest impact on my hair growth! I went from having consistent highlights and light blonde hair to colouring it a dark blonde and back to its natural colour. The absence of bleach in my hair has dramatically decreased breakage and overall damage. My hair is much more hydrated, less frizzy and DEFINITELY growing to lengths it never did previously when I was blonde.

2. Diet and Supplements 
We all hear about 'skin food' but 'hair food' is just as important, and often overlaps with the same recommendations for increasing skin health and nail strength. Biotin, Silica, Vitamin C, Cooper, Zinc and Beta Carotene are the key ingredients for increasing skin, hair and nail strength. I recommend both taking a supplement and following a diet that supports your hair goals. Nuts, seeds, oils, citrus fruits and orange root vegetables are all key building blocks to getting the right nutrients.

3. No Heat 
I know, I know...all anyone ever says about growing your hair is to stop using heat on it. I was once a sceptic also, doubting just how much harm straightening your hair quickly every morning could actually cause. It wasn't until I packaged my straightener away out of reach and invested in a tangle teezer to calm my mane instead that it dawned on me how much damage I was doing. Now when I pull out my straightener and use it just once on a special occasion, I notice how dry and damaged my hair gets just from that one use. I can't believe I used to straighten my hair every day - no wonder it was snapping off! I know it can seem challenging to give heat away but it is definitely worth a shot because you adapt quite quickly. I can only speak from my experience and as someone with quite naturally straight hair I might be out of touch with how much someone else may rely on a straightener. However, it is worth a shot to try heat-free styles like plaits, buns and messy ponytails.

4. Hair Down 
If you can manage to go heat-free without your hair going too rogue, take it one step further and try wearing your hair down as much as possible. This removes all the damage caused by hairbands and all the pressure applied to the hair when you have a tight ponytail or bun in.

5. Products
Find products that support your hair growth goals. I have done a whole video talking about the Bondi Boost range and it is actually what kick-started my hair growth journey. Anything keratin based is amazing for repairing the bonds of your hair that have been depleted through heat and colour damage. Okay so I think that wraps up my biggest tips and tricks that have helped me while growing my hair out.

I hope that these hacks also prove useful for you and that they are relatively easy to manage to bring into your everyday hair care routine.


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