Thursday, May 2, 2019

How to Find Your Perfect Everyday Lipstick Shade [Guest Post]

One of the accessories we ladies can’t do without. Lipstick is one of the primary elements that complete your makeup look. 

When making up, it is impossible to ignore the lipstick. You can’t imagine the difference adding colors to your lips can make. It adds more oomph to your overall look.

Yet, when you choose the wrong color, you mess the whole thing up. That’s exactly what choosing the wrong colour can cause. I was once here before, so, I know what it feels like coming out with this “what the heck!” look by everyone. Hopefully, this should guide you. before we go any further, let me state how important it is to know what your skin undertone is.

Knowing your skin undertone usually helps in the beauty and fashion industry. 
When it comes to skin undertone, there two categories of skin undertone. You are either in the cold or warm category.

If you’ve got the cool skin undertone, you tend to have fairer skin, compared to ladies with warm skin undertone usually have a golden hue feel. If you can’t tell what your skin undertone is, easy! When this happens, it can only mean that you are the neutral type which means you are in between. To find out how to find your perfect everyday lipstick shade, I advise that you keep reading.

How do I know if I’ve got cool undertone? 
One of the ways to know if you have cool undertone is if you’ve got bluish-blue, pink or red color. if this is what you have going on for you then what you have is a cool undertone. It pretty simple to tell from the veins on your wrist; you burn before tanning.

How do I know if I’m the warm undertone guys? 
Having a golden, olive hue skin or your popular yellow mean you have warm undertones. The veins in your wrist simply go green. People with warm undertone have skin that blends well with gold jewelry. Here is how you find your perfect everyday lipstick shade.

• Understand where matching is needed. 
When testing out the bullet from the most amazing shade, it is key that you look for a lipstick that goes well with your inner lips or just your fingertip. Stop using the back of your hand. If you look at it, it will nowhere near a beach.

• Ignore the glosses. 
Skipping the gloss obviously won’t go well. your lips don’t shimmer or shiny, that’s why picking a gloss as your most used lipstick is a bad idea.

• Use it without the make up 
One of the ways that will guarantee you finding that perfect one is when you try it on makeup free. Just make sure you have no makeup on. When you do this, you will be able to see the texture of your complexion.

There are some of the ways to get the perfect lipstick, but using some of these tips will surely help you find the perfect everyday lipstick shade.


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