Thursday, June 20, 2019

How Should Aspiring Models Do Their Make Up?

If you wish to make it as a successful model presentation is everything. This does not only relate to when you are going to a casting but how you present yourself on a daily basis. After all, once your profile begins to rise there will be no hiding from the attention you are bound to get. One of the biggest blunders any model can make is failing to apply their make up properly. Streaky foundation, bags under the eyes and clumpy mascara are unforgivable in this industry. This blog post is here to ensure your make up generates attention for all of the right reasons. Read on to discover some excellent make up tips for aspiring models…

Achieving the perfect smokey eye - A look that never goes out of fashion

Firstly, let’s begin by revealing how to achieve the perfect smokey eye. This is a style that will never go out of fashion. It’s your go-to make up trend, thus you need to know how to execute it properly. The secret is to dab a small amount of foundation onto your eyelids. This creates a base for you to build upon. Instead of eye shadow, invest in a soft grey pencil. Apply this on your eyelid and gently blend it to create the smudged effect. The job isn’t done yet. After all, you cannot leave the house without mascara. Investing in high quality mascara is a must. You want elongate your lashes yet avoid clumping.

Creating the appearance of full lips

Now, let’s move onto your lips. Fuller looking lips are generally considered more desirable. You can use make up to make your lips appear a lot fuller than they are. Use a lip liner pencil and trace the outside of your lips to give them the appearance of being fuller than they are. You can then use the lip pencil, or one of a similar shade, to fill your lips. Using a lip-gloss after this comes highly recommended. It creates a stunning shine. Moreover, it helps to make your lips look bigger because the light will reflect upon it. If you wish to create a dramatic look you should always go for red lips – this never fails. However, the secret of maximising the impact is to apply concealer to your lips before you do so.
Making it look like you’re not wearing any make up - The natural look

One of things models achieve so well is they look beautiful without appearing to have made any effort at all. The natural approach is something you are going to have to master. A face caked in make up is never going to get far. Casting agents, and alike, want to see the real you. Thus, concealer is going to become your best friend. You should invest in two concealers – one in a light shade and one in a darker shade. The light concealer is going to be used around your eyes, whilst the latter is for those parts of your face that need a bit of covering. Remember to blend the concealer with your fingers otherwise it can end up looking like you have blobs of make up on your face.

Know how to accentuate your best feature

Finally, you have to know how to make your features pop. Creating a fuller lip is something that has already been touched upon. However, what about your eyes? If you want to make your eyes pop the secret is to use a damp brush when applying your eye shadow. This really enhances the impact of the colour. You should never opt for fuller dramatic lips and bright eyes at the same time however. Make one feature pop and keep the other neutral so that you create a balanced look. Too much and you can end up looking like a clown – a look nobody wants!!

To conclude, there is no denying that all aspiring models need to know how to get their makeup right. If your face is a different colour to your body because your foundation is the wrong shade, this is not going to impress. Instead, use the tips that have been provided above.


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