Monday, November 25, 2019

Trying Out New Beauty Treatments

We tend to pride ourselves on how we look. Sure, appearance isn’t the be all and end all. But we do want to be presentable and look a way that makes us feel attractive. Beauty treatments can help us to achieve this. Plus, they’re often relaxing and comforting, providing us with a little bit of “me time” where we can sit back and relax while having a treatment carried out. Here are just a few you might want to consider!


So many people have manicures. Some people do them on themselves, but for a perfectly polished finish, you might want to have your manicure carried out by a nail technician. Make sure your technician is qualified and has good reviews - you need to make sure that they are carrying out their work in a hygienic setting with clean tools. They will start by removing any existing acrylics or polish you may have on your nails. They’ll then shape, buff, and polish your nails. your nails will be shaped and often polished. Discuss what you want before getting started. Choose a shape - such as rounded, squared, or coffin shaped, then choose the colour you want. You may even want nail art! If you opt for gel varnish (which is less prone to chipping and has a brighter shine) a UV lamp will be used to cure the nails rather than drying them with air. If you have weak nails or want very long nails, choose acrylic. A technician can then make these any length you wish, so you can have nail art or patterns and experiment with style.


If you have a manicure, why not have a pedicure to match? On top of filing down nails and painting them, your pedicure is really relaxing. You get to sit in a comfortable chair, that may have massage features, and soak your feet in water with salts and essential oils. A technician will then scrub away dead skin from the soles of your feet, leaving them soft and smooth.

Cosmetic Surgery

Cosmetic surgery shouldn’t be jumped into without thought. It’s serious. But if you really want something done, make sure to use a reputable place with medically qualified surgeons, such as Weymouth Street Hospital. This will give you confidence that you’re getting the best quality care not only during your surgery, but also in the lead up to your surgery and after your surgery.


Many of us incorporate exfoliants into our beauty regime. We’ll use scrubs to leave our skin feeling silky soft, removing build up of dead skin and rough patches. However, if you’re looking for the next step up and want to take your refresh even further, you should look into chemical peels. These can expose a completely fresh layer of skin, leaving you fresh faced and glowing. 

These are just a few common beauty treatments. There are so many more out there! Just do a little research and you’re bound to find something that meets your preferences, wants, needs, budget and more!

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