Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Is Your Wardrobe Fit For Winter?

As we enter the winter season, it’s all too easy to wrap yourself up in unflattering baggy chunky knits and jeans. In the summer, it’s easier to find flattering attire as there seems to be more fabrics and outfits to choose from. In the winter, fashion can be harder to master as the choices we have can appear more limited. Forget about the baggy clothing and instead, look into more on trend outfits for your wardrobe.

Think About A Capsule Wardrobe

It can be challenging to work out what to wear if you have a wardrobe full of tops, trousers and attire that you don’t even wear. Some may still even have their tags in. Instead, streamline your wardrobe. A capsule wardrobe can allow you to mix and match items of clothing to create different outfits. Just a dozen items of clothing can create tens of different outfits ranging from the smart and formal to the fun and informal. When considering winter attire, go for a few pairs of jeans, some high neck woolen dresses, and fitted jumpers. Knitwear is very on trend at the moment as are thicker fabrics like nylon and velvet. These items of clothing can be paired together to create fashionable looks. A chunky knit cardigan alongside a logo tee shirt and some skinny jeans can be super cute.

When thinking about your winter footwear, you need to think about keeping your feet warm. The temperature can fall dramatically so slip on pumps and strappy high heels will not be ideal. Instead think about picking up some wide width leather boots to match with an A line skirt or a knee length shirt dress. Alternatively, go for those ankle boots with a fleece lining or Converse high tops to block out the cold. When heading to parties, you can still wear your little kitten heels, but you need to match them with thick tights. These can be textured, printed and colorful depending on the rest of your outfit.

Last year, gillets were very on trend. This year, statement coats are all the rage. These tend to deviate away from the usual khaki and black duffle coats. Instead, think about a faux fur hooded baby pink full length coat. If you love bright and bold alternatives, a neon or chrome effect bomber jacket will keep you warm and toasty when out and about. It’s important to look fashionable, but it’s also vital that your coat is fit for purpose. Make sure you have a double lining for bombers and that any fleece is full rather than gappy and draft laden. Some people prefer wearing layers, and will put a thin windbreaker under any jacket or coat that they wear.

Winter means Christmas parties, icy roads, chilly weather, rain and wind. This can have a perilous effect on the clothing that you wear. Follow this guide and welcome the chunky knits, the skinny jeans, the statement coats and the knee high boots as new fashionable additions to your winter wardrobe.


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Sakira said...

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