Thursday, September 3, 2020

How To Keep Your Workouts Fresh And Stop The Boredom

Working out is a lot of fun when things go well for you. Many people see it as a burden and something that needs to be done in order to then go on to enjoy other aspects of life, but most enjoy the challenge and the buzz. Nothing can beat the endorphin rush or getting your heart rate up and beating your previous best in a particular discipline.

That said, things can get a little tedious when you do the same thing over and over again. We’re creatures that get bored of stuff pretty quickly, so we need to be able to have a little variety with our workouts. This year, with the COVID-19 pandemic at the forefront of everything, boredom has been a huge problem regarding most aspects of life – fitness included. Fortunately, though, it’s quite simple to keep things fresh in order to keep your fitness ticking over. While it’s very easy to drop off and lose motivation, it’s just as easy to maintain it when you know a thing or two. Here are a few ideas for you if you currently are in need of a little inspiration:

Actively Pursue A Big, Long-Term Goal 

When you have that goal that’s pretty far away, you’re able to continue pushing for it. If it’s unlikely and too far, then it’s easy to slack off. If it’s a small goal that you don’t care about, then it’s easy to not care enough and, again, slack off. Look at something that you’d really like to achieve, and push for it! Perhaps you’d like to hit a particular size and weight, or maybe you’d like to squat a certain amount of kilograms. If you have that goal in your mind at all times, then the boredom will never appear in the back of your mind.

Try New Exercises 

If you’ve been doing the same stuff over and over again for the past couple of months, then it can make your body used to everything. You’ll no longer see things as a challenge and your body will not suffer as much. Your mind will also get bored of the same stuff, so it’s only right that you switch it up and challenge yourself further. Whether it’s an entirely new regime or a couple of changes to your lats and rhomboid workouts, be sure to move things around a little. It won’t feel right to start with, but it’s the right thing to do.

Have A Little More Rest Than Usual 

This might sound like an excuse to slack off, but it’s a little different as it involves improvements in the long term. Instead of forcing your way to the gym or out onto the street and going through a boring workout, just simply stay away for a few days. Your body will rest and grow, and you’ll get that hunger back. The itch will return and you’ll be in good physical condition to work better/harder. 

Train With A Friend

Working out on your own can be boring if you’re not in the mood. Training with a friend can be great if you need a little competition, motivation, and even just a few laughs along the way.