Friday, October 9, 2020

Reviving Your Workout Wardrobe: Investments To Make You Look And Feel Great

We all have outfits that make us feel good. When you go for a run, you hit the gym or you head out into the great outdoors ready to take on a quad-busting hike, there’s nothing better than feeling confident. Investing in activewear and new gym outfits can make a positive difference to your confidence, motivation levels and your performance. If your workout wardrobe could do with a revamp, here are some items to add to your shopping list. 

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Activewear co-ords

Co-ords are cool and stylish, and they come in a range of designs. Matching sets look trendy and chic, and once you’ve bought a couple of outfits, you can create a more versatile range of looks by mixing and matching. You can choose from leggings and crop tops, tees or vests, add a sweater, or shop for shorts or ¾ length trousers. There’s a vast range of colors on offer, and you can add interest with prints and patterns and bold colors. From a plain black vest and full-length leggings to on-trend cycling shorts and a printed crop top, you can choose styles that suit the activity and complement your personal taste. 

Funky footwear

In days gone by, trainers used to be functional and practical. Today, they are very much a fashion staple. If you’re looking for a simple way to add an instant update to any workout outfit, investing in funky footwear is a great idea. You can take inspiration from popular designs like the Air Jordan 12 retro university gold or browse online stores or social media feeds for unique products you can add to your basket at the touch of a button. Before you decide which sneakers to buy, think carefully about the sports and activities you enjoy. Some trainers are better suited to jogging, walking or playing sports for fun than intense training. 

Sweats and layers

We’ve all been there. One minute you’re sweating buckets, the next you’re desperately trying to stay warm. If you love to exercise outdoors, or you travel to a gym or a sports centre to work out, it’s always a good idea to invest in layers. Once you’ve finished your workout, you can chuck on a hoodie or a sweater or put some tracksuit bottoms on over a pair of shorts to stay warm and comfortable. There are all kinds of designs available, including zip-up jackets and sweaters and trousers of all lengths. It’s also useful to have sweats and tracksuits if you want to run errands once you’ve had a shower. If you’re going from the gym to the supermarket on your way home, for example, you might not want to be wandering around the aisles in workout gear. 

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A fabulous, functional workout wardrobe can spur you on and make exercise more appealing. If you’re currently wearing leggings that are decades old, or your trainers have seen better days, why not treat yourself to a little retail therapy? From cool co-ords and comfy sweats to on-trend trainers, new gear will make you look and feel great before every session.

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