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Fitness 101: Listening to Music can Enhance your Workout

 Did you know that music motivates and inspires workout? Or, have you ever noticed how much you get excited when your favorite jam plays during an exercise? Or perhaps you have heard experts say that yoga music promotes focus and relation during meditation. Well, these are some of the ways that music can enhance your workout and inspire you to push harder.

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The next time you set off for an exercise, wear your comfy Undywear underwear, and don’t forget to carry your headphones.

So, how does music enhance and inspire workout? Find out below.

Music reduces fatigue

Although it doesn’t directly reduce fatigue, music will make you feel less tired. According to a recent post by NCBI, music takes your mind away from focusing on the physical feeling of fatigue, especially during low-intensity training. However, the extent to which this is effective varies from one person to another, depending on the fitness level.

Music stimulates mental arousal

If only you can alter your mind’s arousal state, you can enhance your workout performance, and music does just that. Researchers have demonstrated that music can psych you up for a better performance exercise. Additionally, there is a connection between aural neurons and motor neurons, which means that your brain and body react to what you hear.

Music promotes relation

Music may dampen some of the byproducts of intense exercise that promote fatigue, therefore enhancing performance. What’s more, music also stimulates and enhances the production of hormones that help you relax. This is why music is recommended during most yoga exercises.

Motivation against pain

Although most people use pain and fatigue interchangeably, there is a big difference between the two. While music can distract you from physical fatigue, it is essential that you understand and listen to your body. If you feel a sharp or stabbing exhaustion, it is important that you take a break regardless of the music you are listening to. Sometimes music can be very distracting that you forget to give yourself a break, which could be fatal to your overall well-being.

What you need to know about music and workout

The intensity of your workout (speed and tempo) matters a lot, especially when performance is essential. It is recommended that you start your exercise routine with low-intensity activities and slower songs and gradually increase as you continue. Exercises that involve weight lifting and cardio require music of between 128 and 135 bpm. And for yoga and relaxation, choose music with a 100bpm and below.

The bottom line

This is not rocket science; music motivates and inspires workout. This explains why most fitness gurus and endurance athletes use headphones during physical activities. Regardless of your training routine, music helps you get into the zone and enhance your performance.

Accordingly, it is observed that music helps:

  • Change metabolic rate

  • Change the heart rate

  • Reduce physical and mental fatigue

  • Lower blood pressure

All these aspects help the flow of energy in the body. So, why not put on the music and keep your workout fresh all through?

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