Thursday, January 14, 2021

Trendy Nail Colours For 2021

Whether you are an acrylic nail fan, press-on nail fan, or a simple nail polish painter, choosing the right colour is always the best bit. Regardless of whether you've chosen to use your own natural shape or are a fiend for coffin shaped press on nails, the right colour can make or break a look. 

So, as the new year begins, why not look forward to the nail colour trends for 2021? Maybe you'll find some inspiration for your next nail look. 


Everyone loves a pastel. They go with almost anything. For those who don't want their nails to be their statement piece but complement the rest of their look, pastels are a great choice. Their slightly more muted tones are a great way to ease some colour into your nails for those used to nudes. 

Image credit: evhoffman / Wikimedia Commons 

One trend to look out for in 2021 is different pastel colours on each nail. For a bit of an interesting look, this style can really catch your eye. 

Lebrat-Personnaz predicts the pastel colours that will be most popular this year to be mint and lilac. Get your hands on those colours before they sell out!

Bold Sunset Colours 

For those who are braver at heart, sunset colours are the trend to look out for. Using the reds, oranges, pinks, and yellows of those sunsets, you can't help but photograph; these nails are sure to stand out. 

Image credit: Zitona / Wikimedia Commons 

Only the boldest of the bold pigments for this trend, sunset nails, will be a statement on any hand. These colours are reminiscent of the bright days of summer. Those days might seem far off right now, but maybe it's this splash of colour we need to brighten up our days. 

Leather Look

This trend is something a little different. Leather-look colours have been predicted to pop in 2021. The browns and blacks will help you match your shoes, tying a look together nicely.

Image credit: Pxhere

The dark colours provide these nails with an opaque look, perfect for those who don't have time to apply loads of coats. 

Patterns to Match your Mask!

2020 was a year like no other—one that introduced us to a new fashion item no one expected: the mask. People have had a lot of fun finding the right mask, but 2021 looks to take this a step further. 

Sure, people have been matching their masks to their outfits, but have they been matching their nails to their masks? In 2021, it's predicted they soon will!

From complex patterns to colour matches, why not try to play pairs with your nails and your mask? 

Nails in 2021…

Who knows what the trends really will be, but these are the best guesses. It seems the world's fashion is looking for colourful patterns, though, so find the right colour for you and show off your nails to the world!

Once you've got your colour, all you've got to decide on is the shape… 

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