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Coloured Gemstones to Make Your Rings Stand Out

 Coloured Gemstones to Make Your Rings Stand Out

If you are looking to make your jewelry stand out, adding a pop of colour can help draw the eye. Coloured gemstones don’t have to mean flashy, bright, eye-catching designs. In fact, for those looking for something more understated, coloured gemstones can actually add a sense of sophistication to your ring. 

But which colour should you choose? When it comes to gemstones, each colour will have its own significance and symbolism. Depending on what look you are going for, the colour you choose can affect the impact of your ring. 


Photo by sweetlouise on Pixabay

Emeralds are a great choice for a ring. The deep green colour is soothing and classy. They look great both as a large featured gemstone on a ring or as smaller gems accenting a ring. 

Emeralds symbolise love, wisdom, spiritual awareness, and protection. Perfect for a calm, deep-rooted love. They were given this symbolism due to the ancient Greeks and Romans believing the emerald to represent Venus, the goddess of love. 

For a classical yet unique look, an emerald is a perfect choice. 


Rubies are a great classic choice of gemstone for a ring. Rubies are a symbol of love, so they are perfect for an engagement or wedding ring. That being said, you can interpret love differently, so choosing ruby Claddagh rings to celebrate your friendship is also an excellent pick when considering symbolism.

Rubies also symbolise good health, wisdom, and wealth. This is because, in early cultures, rubies were believed to hold the power of life. People believed this due to the deep red colour, which looked remarkably like blood. 

So, a ruby can represent several different things, making it a great choice of gemstone for a ring. 

Black diamond

For a really out-the-box pick, a black diamond is sure to make a statement. A black diamond should be worn by someone who is bold. 

Black diamonds are a great gemstone for those looking for symbolic significance. Black diamonds symbolise flawless and eternal unchanging love - great for an engagement or wedding ring. On top of that, black diamonds are said to represent action, energy, and passion. 

For the bold, brave, and intensely in love, a black diamond is an essential gemstone. 


Photo by Sarakgraves on Pixabay

Sapphires are an excellent, romantic pick for a coloured gemstone in a ring. In some cultures, the sapphire is called “the divine stone.” This is because sapphires’ iconic blue hue causes many to associate them with the heavens. In Christianity, sapphires are said to represent chastity, wisdom, and purity. 

Blue is often a calming colour, so a sapphire can be a good choice for someone who is assured, composed, and serene. Sapphires can be a great choice for those in well-established relationships. A sapphire ring can be a great present for those celebrating many years together.  

Coloured gemstones can make you stand out.

When looking for unique jewelry, coloured gemstones are an excellent way to stand out. Knowing the symbolism behind your gems can add that special something to connect you to your jewelry.

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