Wednesday, May 26, 2021

Fitness Riddle: Hitting A Dormant Area

We hardly use all of our 600 muscles any given day, so it makes sense that waking up some of our muscles takes a lot of effort. This could be called trying to hit a dormant area, in our workouts. So how and why would you want to wake up in these areas? Firstly, you’re not getting as much out of your workout because muscles work in groups. If one muscle is ‘asleep’ or in a weaker state, then the other muscles will have to work harder. You would want to wake up in a dormant area because it will make your body fitter and also look better. You don’t want the two outer heads of the tricep to look great but the inner medial head is small and soft, do you?

More reps

Forcing out muscles to work when they are struggling is exactly what helps them to grow. It's when you feel like each rep hurts but you can still make it, is when you are making progress. This is when your muscles start to tear slightly and this will force your muscle cells to grow larger. 

You can wake up a muscle by increasing reps. As your larger and fitter muscles begin to grow tired during a set, your limbs will become slightly less and less stable. To stop your body rocking side to side or back and forth, a dormant muscle will be forced into action. This is particularly true for hip flexors


Aerobics session

Just pumping blood into a dormant muscle is the first step for some. If you are particularly weak in one area, don’t try to do weight lifting exercises. Focus on using it in aerobics sessions. There are countless aerobics sessions that you could find online, but how to go about it. 

  • Find an aerobics session that targets that muscle or that area. For example, if you want to improve your calf muscles, pick a session that works on ankle flexibility, has short sharp steps and small raising exercises. This can be things like running on the spot, jumping up, making frog leaps, etc.

  • Make sure that it's just one session that is intense but short. You don’t want to have rests in between as your strong muscles will not be forced to activate your weaker muscles when they’re tired as they’ve had a rest.

What if nothing works?

Firstly, that’s almost never true. Your body is incredible, it can do a lot more than you think. You can wake up dormant areas on your body if you do the things mentioned above. If you can’t see results, it may be because there is too much fat on the area which could prevent a full range of motion needed when extending and squeezing muscles. Gaining a helping hand from trusculpt id which targets specific parts of the body could decrease fat at the area by up to 24%. It's a great contouring option.

Dormant and atrophic areas on our body are not too tough to wake up. You should focus on high reps, or just aerobics to begin with and then steadily increase your workout intensity. 

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