Monday, September 13, 2021

Beauty Tips to Keep You Looking Fresh

Everyone gets older, that’s a fact of life. But how we age is up to us. There are many ways we can protect ourselves from premature aging and stay looking young and fresh for longer. Looking your best can enhance your self-esteem and make you feel proud. All this adds to your levels of confidence. More confidence cannot be a bad thing; it may help you find a partner, or get a better job, a job you deserve, it may help you feel more included in other things too. All this is derived from you taking better care of yourself. Finding time to take care of number one is something most of us could do with more of. 

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Diet and Exercise

How we treat our bodies does eventually start to show up in how we look. If you are one for a lot of fast food and never hitting the gym, it’s only a matter of time before your waistline grows and your face shows signs of unnatural aging. You are what you eat is a very true cliche, and if you want good skin, you need to ditch that trans and saturated fats and fuel up on more fruit and vegetables. These food are filled with vitamins and minerals the body needs to metabolize correctly and give vital organs, like the skin, the nutrients they need to shine. Combine a healthy diet with exercise, and you will be looking and feeling better in no time. Exercise is a natural mood enhancer as it releases endorphins onto the blood, and these are happy chemicals. What’s more, it can reduce stress, and stress is a sure-fire way to premature aging.


In addition to eating healthier, you need to drink healthier too. Water is like a miracle cure, and drinking enough of it can give you a whole range of benefits, from more beautiful skin to helping you shift those extra pounds. It even helps lubricate those joints, so you will be less prone to joint injury and pain.


Honestly, who out there gets enough shut-eye? I can’t imagine there are many hands raised. However, sleep is so important to maintaining a healthy body. The body repairs itself while you are asleep, and if you do not sleep enough, then you will not be repairing yourself properly, and over time, the lines begin to show. Feeling tired can also affect our energy levels and may contribute to you eating more sugary foods and drinking more coffee than what is healthy. Sugar is not known for its benefits to the skin. Try and go to bed just a little bit earlier each night and avoid things like alcohol close to bedtime, as this can have the effect of keeping you awake. 


Moisturiser is essential in looking in that moisture and keeping you looking fresh. However, you need to find the right moisturizer for your skin type. If you use the wrong kind, you may well be doing more harm than good. Do you have oily or dry skin, combined, normal, or sensitive, for example? Those are the five basic types. Once you know what skin you have, purchase moisturize for that specific type. 


Maybe you are not one for make-up, or maybe you wear it but have been wearing it wrong all this time. Make-up cannot just be applied willy-nilly, there is an art form to it. You need to know your skin complexion, face shape, eye shape, etc., to maximize the effect. Otherwise, you may be diminishing yourself. Fortunately, we are in a world of abundance, and there are hundreds of make-up tutorials to help you figure out your specific facial features, as it is not as easy to work as it may seem. Also, there are so many new make-up and beauty secrets arising all the time. To help you keep up with the ever-changing world, why not have a look at current and hottest tiktok trends specific to your needs. 


Being able to stay calm in a mad world is a skill we should all master. Being able to do this will help you control your cortisol levels - the stress hormone - and lower your blood pressure. Unfortunately, becoming enraged is not good for our overall health, so why not develop some coping mechanism, and meditation is one of them. All it takes is ten minutes a day where you close your eye and allow the world to melt away. If you can master this, you will be able to keep those stress levels at bay. 

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