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How To Easily Get Your Wardrobe Organised How To Easily Get Your Wardrobe Organised

It will be much easier to find items you need if you organize your closet. Furthermore, you will also know exactly where to find your favourite sweater, a comfy pair of jeans, and your go-to sweatpants. 

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According to the available space, the size of your wardrobe, and the kind of lifestyle that you lead, the way you organize your closet will differ slightly. The following guide should set you up for success concerning organizing your closet. 

Getting Started 

  • Make an organizing supply kit with items such as a toss basket, a tape measure, and charity bags. 

  • Take everything out of your closet. 

  • The entire area should be thoroughly cleaned, including all corners and crevices. 

  • Reduce your clutter by recycling, donating, or selling unused items, and get rid of your old accessories. 

  • Check your storage solutions to ensure they are adequate for the clothes, accessories, and shoes you have. 

  • Put your clothing, shoes, and accessories back into your closet in groups that follow the same theme. You can easily grab the items that are most worn at the front. 

What Are You Going To Need? 

The right tools are essential for organizing your closet efficiently. If you have worked all day, don't begin this big task. You need to commit to the organizing of your closet if you want it to be successful. 

Include these items in your kit: 

  • Bags or boxes for donations. 

  • If you have a full-length mirror, you should try things on before deciding whether to keep or toss them. 

  • Make sure you have a tape measure on hand to measure your storage space. 

  • If you find loose change, rubber bands, hair clips, papers, recipes, etc, put them in this basket. Sorting them later is possible. 

It's also a good idea to come up with an action plan for throwing out anything you don't want to keep. It is a good idea to prepare for storage options with extra storage inside your wardrobe and new purchases such as engineered garments

Clean And Empty

If you are used to throwing your clothes, shoes, and accessories anywhere in your closet, this step will seem strange to you. Removing everything from the floor and shelves, including the hangers, will probably lead you to items you haven't seen in a long time. Once it has been cleaned from top to bottom with disinfectant, you will need to think about how you are going to reorganize it. 

Declutter Your Shoes, Clothes And Accessories

There's no denying that the decluttering needs to be done, regardless of how you felt about it. Otherwise, you will just end up with a mess being put back in a fresh-smelling closet. It is true that some people are rubbish at decluttering, they tend to hold on to things and it is important that you do not let that happen to you. This makes the closet very valuable since closets do not have a lot of space. 

If you wear something often or if you love it, you should keep it. The best way to dispose of used clothing or shoes is to sell them, even if you used to put them aside to be sort of at a later date. As for other items, you may donate them unless they are not suitable for donation and should simply be thrown away. You should consider getting rid of stuff that looks a little ragged, is stained, ripped, doesn't fit well, or that you would be hesitant to donate. 

I was thinking about including a maybe pile in my post, but I am having difficulty doing so so I will add this to the maybe pile. You might even be able to ask a friend or a family member to offer you their opinion. 

Top Tips

  • To reach higher storage areas, incorporate a step stool. 

  • Organize horizontally by hanging twice. 

  • Adding storage solutions over doorways, 

  • All of this can be done on a budget, so don't spend too much. 

  • Always measure the space and utilize as much of it as possible. 

It’s Then About Maintaining 

In order to keep your closet clean, you should go through it as much as you can. It will prevent you from ever having to go through the organizing process again in the future, saving you almost an entire day. When you end each new season, complete a quick check and get rid of items that haven't been worn, do not fit, or have become damaged. Keeping your floors clean is also a good idea if you want to keep your house in good shape. When you have organized it, you should take advantage of the space as much as possible by taking measurements. It should be no problem to remove items, remember where they’re supposed to go, and give it a nice fresh clean every once in a while. 

If you follow the instructions in this easy to understand guide, it should certainly aid in organizing your closet space and ensuring that it is kept clean and tidy. Would you like to add any tips to the comments below that you could share with us? 

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