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7 Ways to Reverse Your Aging Clock


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It is possible to reverse your aging clock with some sweeping lifestyle changes. And while it isn’t easy,
you can look younger if you are willing to put in the effort. More than an expensive skincare routine, here
are seven lifestyle tips that contribute to maintaining your youth.

Consider Cosmetic Surgery

If you have the money, then cosmetic surgery has the power to make you look ten or even twenty years
younger. However, you should
learn more about a facelift or other similar procedures before committing to
them. Any reputable service or clinic will offer comprehensive guidance during a consultation. While
cosmetic surgery such as a facelift won’t stop the aging process, the results of a quality procedure can
last for up to ten years when done correctly.

Reverse Your Aging Clock with Hormone Training

Working out and training are excellent ways to keep your health in check and can have positive effects on
your skin. While your body tones up, your skin’s texture and elasticity are improved when you exercise.
But you can also make your skin look younger with some specific hormone-boosting exercises. You may
even do some of these already. Known as “compound lifts,” these include squats, deadlifts, and pull-ups 
that help balance estrogen and testosterone.

Boost Omega-3 Intake

Omega-3 is one of those things that everyone should use, but most of us don’t. Omega-3 is fat. But before
you gasp at the horror of consuming more fat, you should know it is good fat. It comes from oily fish like
salmon, olive oil, nuts, and seeds. It is also very anti-inflammatory. And studies have found that countries
like Japan, which consume a lot of Omega-3, have a 15% lower death rate than countries that traditionally
eat a much lower Omega-3-rich diet.

Eat a Mediterranean Diet

Further to Omega-3 and a healthy diet, one of the most beneficial and healthy is the Mediterranean diet.
People in Countries like Greece look and feel younger because of the food they eat. And you can get any
of these no matter where you live, so give these a try:

  • Eat more vitamin-packed leafy greens such as kale, spinach, and bok choy.

  • Moderate your intake of proteins such as fish, eggs, and poultry like chicken.

  • Always cook with and dress salads and sauces with extra virgin olive oil.

  • Avoid processed foods with extra salt, sugar, and fat such as pre-prepared meals.

  • Eat as little red meat, such as beef and lamb, as possible, or reduce your intake.

The Mediterranean diet is as healthy as it is delicious. Yet it can be hard to switch if you are used to an
unhealthy or convenient diet. But essentially, make everything as fresh as you can.

Maintain Gut Health

What happens in your digestion and dietary processes can have a dramatic effect on how you look and
feel. For example, poor gut health because of bad food will make you feel tired and depressed. You will
also develop outward symptoms like dark circles under your eyes and a pale complexion. So you need to
arm yourself against becoming a victim to your own body. Eating yogurt can help promote good gut health
because of the probiotics present in it.

Antioxidants Help Reverse Your Aging Clock

There are many foods that are high in antioxidants. And the great thing is that some of them are the most
enjoyable. For example, ditch your terrible chocolate snacks for an indulgent and sophisticated 80% piece
for a delicious blast of antioxidants. You can also swap out your morning coffee for green tea, drinking
coffee as a treat. Recent studies have also concluded that a high amount of antioxidants will combat the
negative effects of ultraviolet light on your skin.

Reduce Stress and Sleep Well

It has been said that the best tool in your makeup bag is a good night’s sleep. And this is very true since
not getting enough sleep will, of course, make you look tired. Most experts agree that eight hours per night
is the right amount. But everyone is different, and you may need one or two, more or less. Good sleep will
reduce the effects of stress and can help increase your internal age by around 5 years, while heart
disease, blood pressure, and diabetes are lower.


You can begin to reverse your aging clock inside and out with some easily-implemented changes. You
can, of course, try some cosmetic procedures. But a healthy life is your best option. Boost Omega-3
and change to a more European diet, and get enough sleep.

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