Thursday, June 22, 2023

8 Steps to Becoming Your Most Confident Self

 You could have everything in the world, but if you don’t have confidence, then you’re unlikely to be all that 

happy. On the other hand, if you do have confidence, then you’ll likely tolerate those aspects of life that 

you’re less than thrilled about. Yep, your confidence level has a huge impact on your experience of life! 

Some people are born with confidence. But that’s not the case for most people. The majority of us have 

to actively work on it. The good news is that there’s a pretty well-established path towards becoming your 

most confident self. In this post, we’ll look at nine handy tips for doing just that. Take them all on board, 

and you’ll likely find that you’re a whole new person in no time at all!

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Positive Affirmations

Your brain is the best tool you’ll ever have, but sometimes, it works against you. Your confidence could be 

low not because of the genuine reality of your life, but because of that pesky inner voice which is telling 

you that you’re not good enough, that you’ll fail if you try to achieve your goals, and so on. You can override 

that negative self-talk by saying positive affirmations to yourself. It can sound a bit new-age, but the truth is 

that affirmations work. Plus, they take next to no time and it’s not like you need any special equipment to

get started, so why not give it a try? 

Hit the Gym

You might think that we’re suggesting that you join a gym because of the improvements it’ll make to your 

physical appearance. But we’re not. Of course, the physical benefits will likely enhance your confidence 

levels, but that’s a secondary benefit. The main reason people spend time in a gym is because of 

 mental health improvements. You’ll be giving your brain a little “I can do this” message every time you 

walk through the gym doors, and that little signal can have a big impact on your confidence levels. 

Intimidated by the thought of joining a gym? Don’t be! They’re less scary than you think, and remember

that there’ll always be a personal trainer around if you’re not sure what you should do while you’re there. 

Find Your Style

We’re not saying having a bland dressing style will result in low confidence, because it won’t. But it won’t 

help you to push your confidence forward. After all, we develop confidence when we feel that we’re 

showcasing our true selves, and we can’t do that if we’re wearing what everyone else is wearing. So 

take the time to develop your personal fashion style. This usually takes time — and in fact, should take 

time — but it’s a worthwhile journey to undertake. Not sure where to start? Take a look at what people 

whose style you admire are wearing, and then look at incorporating some of those elements into your 

own look. Once you’ve got the basics down, you’ll be able to play around further, and before you know 

it you’ll have a style that’s very much you. 

Challenge Yourself

It’s oh so easy to stay in your comfort zone. After all, it’s comfortable there! But if you’re looking to push 

your confidence forward, then it’s best to be skeptical of comfort. Speak to the most confident people that 

you know, and you’ll typically find that they’ve made a habit of stretching themselves from time to time. 

They take a step outside of their comfort circle. This won’t always be easy, but there’s value in doing it. 

Once you’ve completed the challenge that you set for yourself, you’ll find that you’re a different person 

than the one you were before. 

Say Goodbye to Imperfections

We all know that looks aren’t the most important thing in the world, but there’s no denying that they’re 

important. And that’s especially true when it comes to our confidence levels. A single imperfection can 

have a disproportionate impact on how we feel about ourselves, and we know that we’d be more confident 

if we could just change that one thing. Well, guess what? You probably can! In this day and age, there’s a 

solution for pretty much every physical imperfection. If you don’t like how your nose looks, then you can 

 transform your nose appearance; if you don’t like your smile, then you can work with a dentist to 

straighten your teeth. If there’s an aspect of your looks that you think about more than you should, 

then take action. 

Practice Meditations

Meditation is a wonderful tool that we should all make part of our lives. After all, the benefits are extensive, 

it’s easy, and there are virtually no downsides. It takes a little bit of time to get comfortable meditating, but 

once you’ve got to grips with the basics, you’ll find that it can transform your life, especially from a 

confidence perspective. Studies have shown that meditation can help to boost low self-esteem and 

just more broadly make you happier. Try it daily for a month, and we’re pretty confident that you’ll feel 

much better. 

Recognize That It’s a Universal Problem 

There’s power in recognizing that there are other people in the same boat. Your confidence issues might 

seem like a highly personal problem, but in reality, you’re in good company. Many people throughout 

society — including plenty of successful people — struggle with confidence from time to time, so don’t 

beat yourself up if you’re not flying high. Take steps to improve your confidence, and eventually, it’ll come. 

What’s Holding Your Confidence Back?

Finally, remember that while there are plenty of things that can push your confidence forward, sometimes 

the most impactful thing you can do is to get rid of those things that are holding your confidence back. 

Are you feeling low because you’re drinking too much alcohol? You have a colleague that makes you feel 

bad about yourself? You have regrets over the past? None of these are easy to live with, but they can all 

be overcome with a bit of work. 


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