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3 Common Beauty Mistakes You Might Be Making


3 Common Beauty Mistakes You Might Be Making

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The process of accurately applying makeup or learning different ways to fix your hair takes time and a lot of trial 

and error. No matter how many times you’ve practised your beauty routine, you are bound to make some mistakes 

along the way. The world of personal grooming can come with conflicting advice, and it is easy to follow 

misleading guidance. However, exposing these beauty pitfalls can help you avoid them and embrace your own 

distinctive beauty routine.

  1. Incorrect facial cleansing

When you wake up in the morning up in the morning, the first thing you probably do is cleanse your face. While 

it might seem straightforward, how you go about it might make a difference for your skin. This is because

 improper cleansing can lead to clogged pores, which will result in acne breakouts or whiteheads. It can also 

cause uneven skin complexion due to accumulated dead skin cells. While improper cleansing may be attributed

 to underwashing, it can also be caused by overwashing your face with an incorrect cleanser, which can

 strip your skin of natural oils. Whether you just walked in with a face full of makeup, oil, or grime, it is 

essential to wash your hands well before you touch your face. As a tip, use micellar water or an oil-based 

makeup remover before you use your cleanser. Ensure your cleanser is gentle and effective enough to be used 

twice a day. While at it, wash your face for at least sixty seconds. This will ensure that the ingredients in the 

product dissolve and work well on the makeup or dirt. Remember to wash along your hairline to prevent 

congestion or breakouts.

  1. Not moisturizing your skin

Moisturizing is essential for a healthy, supple, and youthful skin. Using lotion or cream that has hydrating 

properties daily can prevent your skin from getting wrinkly and dry. Though the art of moisturizing can be 

incorporated into your morning and evening routines, ensure you apply immediately after showering or

 exfoliating. This is important because the warm water or exfoliating scrub can leave your skin dehydrated 

due to its stripping properties. The skin on your hands, ears, face, and eyes is normally sensitive to environmental 

changes, so give them some extra love with hydrating products from more organic and natural beauty brands

Consider patting your skin dry after a shower to help your skin retain moisture and seal it when you moisturize. 

If you suffer from severe dryness, consider seeing a dermatologist for guidance.

  1. Using too much dry shampoo

Washing your hair every day might not be realistic. You can use dry shampoo if you can’t wash your hair often. 

However, it is important to do so in moderation. While it can help you save time and add volume to your hair, 

overusing it can absorb all the natural oils in your hair and lead to a flaky scalp or dry, brittle hair. Relying solely 

on it can also result in an odor and bacterial growth. It is advisable to choose the right shampoo and use it at least 

twice a week.

By acknowledging and avoiding these three mistakes, you can level up your beauty game and achieve better result 

for your face, hair and skin. 

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