Thursday, July 6, 2023

Top Tips for A Smooth Complexion


With today’s beauty standards and hyper-edited photos, it is easy to think that millions of people have skin
as smooth as glass. While some people are blessed with incredibly smooth skin, all experts will tell you
that much of what we ‘suffer’ from is
normal skin texture

However, there are many ways that you can improve the skin texture so that you can be happier with it.
Some of them are skincare, others are lifestyle - but there are also chemical procedures that can help too. 

Let’s get started on what can give you smoother and more comfortable-looking skin. 

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Your diet has the most significant impact on your skin because what we consume is what our body
performs its tasks with. And while the body can still extract plenty of what we need from junk food and
fried food, it really gets the best of what it needs from fruits, vegetables, nuts, meat or meat alternatives,
and water. 

Not to mention that these are also what we need to help reduce the inflammation within our bodies too.
So that puffy eyes or swollen knees can be supported too. 


So far, these are two very basics, but they are the foundation for the rest of the work. If you’re not sleeping
well, your body won’t be able to perform the functions correctly. 

Overnight repairs are a must - but when you’re tired, even with an excellent skin cream, your skin is going
to look sunken and a little grey. These things are most noticeable under the eyes, but all in all, not getting
enough sleep will give you
premature aging

Commit to Cleanser

You will notice a difference almost immediately when you start to cleanse. With a cleansing cloth and
good cleaner, you’re going to be taking away the layer of dead skin cells that will sit on the surface of the
skin. Once they are gone, the shine is your real skin being able to show off. A light exfoliation can help
you accomplish this further, but you don’t need to exfoliate too much. 

You might be tempted to perform a chemical peel at home too, and there are a lot of chemicals that can
do that for you. Often it is better to head to a clinic to have your skin assessed for what it really needs, and
you can choose anything from a simple extraction, peel, microdermabrasion, or even something like  


Soft, plump, and dewy-looking healthy skin is almost always due to the right level of moisturization. Water
is the first place that makes a big impact - rarely do people drink enough water, so that is a good start.
People with oily skin often think they don’t need to moisturize at all, but no matter what your skin type, you
need to add moisture. 

Using a cream or a lotion is a great start, but looking for one that has the addition of BHA, AHA, hyaluronic
acids, retinol, or vitamin C is going to infuse a lot more. 

Always remember to do your lips as you are prepping; a light exfoliation and some hydration will keep
them looking soft and supple too. 


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