Monday, October 5, 2009



This is just a quick update about a few things that come to mind while i am writing :)

I am having another compeition once i reach 100 Followers. This time i am going to make the prize between $100 and $150! So that is very exciting :)

Just so i reach 100 Followers quicker, the next 10 people to follow me will get a special shout out on my Daily Booth and on my Blogspot.

Oh yes and i joined Daily Booth. I only have 2 followers at the moment and one of them is myself (weird i know, but i am not sure how to unfollow myself). So stop by and say hello there.

On a more personal note, today school started. It was so fun to see my friends and catch up with the ones i didn't see throughout the holidays.

Cheer practice starts tomorrow and we get ready for our next competition.

I want to know what you guys think i should have as prizes-it can be up to the cost of $150 and can be anything makeup and beauty related. I would love to hear your thoughts as this competition is for you guys so of course i want you to like the prizes :)



Sarah said...

Wow!! That will be an amazing giveaway!! I literally cant think of anything; too many things running through my mind; I'll come back when I can think coherently :D

VanityMakeup said...

That picture is so cute! ^^

& I have no idea what a good prize would be. Haha :)

JustJenny said...

wow that sounds like an amazing giveaway
maybe include a voucher?
and then you can choose the other products :)

Anna said...

may u have a successful giveaway!
xoxo elle
ps: i tag u 4 an award!

Sarah said...

Hey; it was mildly expensive which is gutting but even that couldn't stop me laughing :S
MAC products would be great, I dont anyone would turn away from a chance to win some MAC!! I think JustJenny's idea is good, vouchers for whatever shops you love

Mikaela-Jane said...

Wow!!! That is a big prize!!!
I like the idea of maybe a few makeup items, that you absolutely love and then a gift voucher??
I know that whatever you choose will be fabulous anyway!! lol

Cute pic at the end btw!


Allison Nickels said...

MAC is the only good thing to win!
strange... but cute, picture at the end

Angela said...

hey girl
im definitely looking forward to your next contest

i think mac stuff and nars stuff would be nice