Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Now i don't mean throw your makeup out because you don't like it. I mean throw your beauty products out because it is growing bacteria and will infect your face and body unless you discontinue use of it. I have always wondered when i should throw out my makeup or when it is getting too old so i did a little research and would love to share my findings with you.

I mention mascara first because this is the most important piece of makeup that you need to keep your tabs on. Most mascaras in a tube with a wand have some sort of antibacterial agent in them which will protect your for about 6 weeks meaning that you could possibly keep your mascara for up to 4 months. Your probably thinking how that is possible when you are only protected for 6 weeks, well that is because it takes a while for bacteria to start growing on your mascara, about 4 months in fact. If you do not throw your mascara out after 4 months then you are opening yourself up to eye infections. If you notice a change in consistancy or smell, even before the 4 months, then throw it out immendiently because it is not worth it.

BLUSH: 6 months

EYELINERS: 3 years, as long and you sharpen them regularly.
EYESHADOW: 3 years, as long as you use a brush and keep your fingers out of it.
LIP LINER: 3 years, as long as sharpened regularly.
LIPSTICK: 4 years or when it becomes sticky and melts no matter what temperature it is in. To help keep your lipsticks for longer, keep them in the fridge. However, i am sure that you are able to finish a lipstick within 4 years and it would be a bother having to keep them in the fridge.


NAIL POLISH: Nail polish should last for 2 years but the cheap brands usually only last for 1 year. If you see that the colour and oils are seperating, it smells different or has become sticky then it is time to let it go.

Remember that all makeup goes off and to use your head when determining whether a product is safe to use. You can increase the life of your products by washing applicators regularly and handling them with clean hands. However, bacteria sometimes still finds it's way in even half wat through the products life and you have to be strong and throw it out if you notice anything differeny about it. High end shoud be fine for a while but keep your eye out on your drugstore products as they are not made with as much care.



Jem said...

i label my stuff to make it easier for me to keep track of it.

i always have those little sticky tapes & put it on my stuff as soon as i open them.

lorien kate said...

Great post! I usually get through my mascaras before 3months, but if I have them longer than that and they're not finished, I chuck them out! I got a bad stye once :( and ever since I make sure nothing grotty touches my eyes!

Amanda said...

Now this is a great post,

Laura said...

this was helpful :) thanks for the post! xx

Shannon Marie said...

Thanks for the post(:

Jordy said...

That sounds liek a such a great way to organise your stuff. Well it seems like your on top of everything. It sounds like a really good storing tip.

Jordy said...

Thanks, yer that is always the smartest thing to do but if sucks when it is like a super expensive mascara and you havn't gotten around to finishing it. Well it's good that you learnt your lesson. I haven't really had anything happen like that for it to be stuck in my head :)

Jordy said...

thank you so much, i am glad you like it.

Jordy said...

I am glad, thank you.

Jordy said...

No worries :)

Hannah K said...

god jordy your so smart.

Gaby Fauchon said...

Hey Jordy, I love your posts, they are always interesting (=

However, I don't really understand how bacterias could grow into a blush. I know it does, but it just seems weird to me. I wouldn't throw my blush until it'a finished.

But... waiting 3 years before throwing away an eyeliner? Why would you wait only 4 months for a mascara and 3 years for an eyeliner? As I use mine on my waterline, I would absolutely not wait 3 years! Anyway, as I use it almost everyday, it wouldn't last 3 years xD