Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Hey everyone,
I was reading a magazine and found a quote about Katy Perry starting out in makeup and i thought it was interesting and i would share with you guys.

"I was completely broke. I used to borrow outfits, get my make-up done at make-up counters, and then sneak into events. It was cool! I seemed to be wearing things right." ~Katy Perry

I just thinks it's really interesting how she went from not being able to afford makeup to being able to afford a personal makeup artist. I quite enjoy seeing what Katy Perry dones with her makeup and she always looks amazing. She isn't afraid to experiment with bright colours which shows a good example regarding my makeup post here.

I hope you guys are well,

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Suyinsays said...

thanks for the great comment! and i can totally get where youre coming from, gaga is really a style icon :)
lots of love