Friday, July 30, 2010


Hey everyone, 
Well this is going to be a fun post because it is a review on the self tanning haul i did a couple of weeks ago. This is going to just be the Sugar Baby section as i am doing a seperate review for the MAC Bronzing Oil and i am doing a comparison with the Garnier "Sombre Solaire" and a Loreal version i purchased yesterday.  So here is a review on all of the Sugar Baby prouducts mentioned :) I hope you enjoy!!

Okay so just in case there is a specific product you only want the one review on, i am going to list the Sugar Baby items left to right and give you number for them so you can scroll down and pick the review you are after.

Suntanned Sweeties 1. Moose in "Sun-believable",  2. Spray in "Golden Glamour",  3. Bronze Radiance Cream,  4. Tan Enhancing Shimmer Oil in "Island Glow",  5. Moisturising Tanner in "Bronze Bomshell"

1. Moose in "Sun-believable"
This is a moose form of a self tanner and i have to say it is the most brownest. This product delivers a deeper shade of brown however the colour payoff on the skin isnt too good. The feel on my skin is really soft and smooth and i would reccomend this for places like arms or even face as it is extrmley gentle. It smells very fruits and coconutty :)
2. Spray in "Golden Glamour"
This product is the spray version of all the Sugarbaby tanners and i LOVE LOVE LOVE this product. For $10 a bottle, you recieve what covers exactly the whole amount of your body. I don't know about you but to me that is amazing. It looks exactly like ti does when i pay $55 at the salon to get it done. Not orangey and very natural looking, results appear straight away as it isnt a developing tanner.
3. Bronze Radiance Cream
This cream is sort of like an illuminance lotion and a tan enhancing glitter. It has fine microglitters in it and is the consistancy of a body souffle. It is a creamy white colour and sparkles in the sun so it is perfect over a tan and brilliant especially when in the sun. A really nice summer product for the beach bag :)

4. Tan Enhancing Shimmer Oil in "Island Glow"
Such a gorgeous colour!!! An affordable version of the MAC Body Oil that came out in the Back To The Beach collection. I must say it goes on a bit more like a jelly rather than an oil but i think i prefer this as it is less messy. It looks extrmley orange at first glance but once you rub it in, the true colour is revealed to be a gorgeous bronzey golden colour that shimmers perfectly in the sun. Another must have for the beach bag in summer.
5. Moisturising Tanner in "Bronze Bomshell"
The ever so popular moisturising self tanner!!! Every brand seems to have one and they are probably the most popular method of self tan application. I tend to stay away from these things due to their strong scent and the fact that you dont really know how it is going to look until the morning unlike tanners which develop straight away. The moistursing type take a while to develop and in that time i always get anxious BUT i was not dissapointed at the result of this one :) It didnt leave me orange nor did it become streaky or blotchy or scratched!! The perfect natural glow :)

These are some of the best self tanner i have tried and reccomend these 100%. Not only are they affordable and Australian so your supporting your country (if your an aussie out there) but they also smell great, give an amazing result and to me they gave me more confidence in the winter as that is when i loose my natural tan!

Reviews for the MAC Bronzing Body Oil and the comparison on the Loreal and Garnier gradual self tan sprays are coming up :)


lipton|TEE said...

these products are so cute they make me want to self-tan.... too bad I don't need it lol. I'd buy the product just for the packaging.

Anonymous said...

I use this!
I think it's cute and just great!
I use 'sun-believable' and it's amazing!
But umm.. Can you tell me if washing it off after two hours is a good idea? As I do and it come out lighter than when I applied it.. Am I supposed to do this?

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Unknown said...

Hi Jordy, I purchased the mousse presentation yesterday. I came across your review of the Sugar Baby products. It is one of very few out there. I have to tell you that it gave me the courage to sunless tan myself. My first attempt last year with a different product was not too successful and I wasn't very excited to do it again. I waked up this morning with the most beautiful tan. It is better (and most important healthier) than tanning under the sun as you do not have to go through the painful and awful period of getting rid off the red burning color of the skin before reaching to the bronzing wanted color. Next week I will give a try to the spray presentation which I purchased as well. Thank you for your review it was extremely helpful.

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I thank you for the information and articles you provided

Unknown said...

Where in Wellington New Zealand can I buy these?