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Kicking off 2012 as the January Beauty Blogger is Charlotte from Beauty Ramblings. Charlotte is 19 and from the UK, she has a self proclaimed beauty obsession which definitely shows through in her blog! She blogs about beauty, fashion, nails, makeup, hair and has some really helpful tips and tricks. I personally found her advice on curling hair to be really helpful! Her blog is super entertaining and I love reading what she has to say because she's so funny and has such a sweet personality! I asked Charlotte some questions about makeup, fashion, being a beauty blogger and New Years so keep reading to hear her responses!
What inspired you to begin blogging?
- I'd been watching youtube beauty "gurus" for about two years and I'd been reading beauty blogs for about 6 months but was too nervous to start my own blog. One day I just thought well it's not like anyone will read it so I started up the blog and made my first blogpost!

How would you describe the clothes you wear?
- I usually spend most of my money on make-up/beauty products so I've never really been that into fashion but since working in retail I've loved buying more fashion magazines and reading blogs which are very fashion orientated. I wear what I feel comfortable in so cosy knitwear, pretty blouses and always a dress for a night out!
How would you describe your makeup style?
- The most important part of my make-up routine, for me, is eyeshadow. I wear a nuder lip and toned down cheeks so I can get away with wearing a lot of eyeshadow and I loveeeeeee playing around with eyeshadows and if you've read my blog you can see my eyeshadow addiction is pretty clear for all to see haha! I love neutral shadows such as taupes, bronzes, golds and copper shades. I'm very self-concious about my skin as I suffer with acne so I always wear heavy foundation which is a bit of a chore to apply in the morning.

When you're not blogging, what do you enjoy doing with your time?
- I love shopping and could spend all day in town with regular shopping breaks at Starbucks! ;) I also like dancing, watching tennis and Formula One.
Beauty products you couldn't live without and why?
- This is so hard to choose a few! Definitely concealer, MAC "Studio Finish" is my absolute favourite as it covers absolutely anything. I also love a good, lengthening mascara and a moisturising lip balm such as "Blistex" as I suffer from chapped lips.

New Years Resolutions
- Take up a new hobby, either join the gym or go to zumba classes, go to more blogger events and worry less! Spend more time baking and less time being lazy ;)

A huge thank you to Charlotte for being the first beauty blogger for 2012 on Jordy's Beauty Spot!
Please go check out her blog Beauty Ramblings!

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