Friday, June 29, 2012


Hey girls,
I often get asked questions about my teeth so I thought I would share with you all my dental hygiene routine as well as answer some frequently asked teeth questions.
I use Pearl Drops, Beauty Pearls Toothpaste to brush my teeth. This is a gradual brightening toothpaste that I use to help maintain white teeth. I brush with a soft bristle toothbrush because I find that it is most gentle on my teeth. 

An important step in my dental routine is cleaning my tongue with the Orabrush and tongue foam. This is one of those hyped products which are actually effective in what they aim they do! I feel so much cleaner after completing this step.  

I use White Glo Dental Floss Toothpicks to floss in between my teeth, removing food that wasn't already removed through brushing and plague. Sometimes I'm lazy and skip this step but it is really important so I try to force myself most of the time.  

Listerine not only tastes bad for you but it is! The alcohols contained in Listerine cause a horrible drying effect in the mouth that causes cells to die and increases the probability of oral cancer. 
Drinks like coffee, alcohol and red wine can all ruin pearly whites and apart from all of the other detrimental health effects smoking has...your teeth are also seriously being put at risk if that's something you like to do.

Have you had braces?
Nope, never had braces. 
Have you had your teeth whitened?
I haven't but I do use a whitening toothpaste. 

What lipsticks can make your teeth look whiter?
Any dark colours so a rich scarlet, deep pink or bright crimson can really brighten up your smile.

What do you do when you go to the dentist?
I just have a clean and check up. I have never had a filling or my tonsils or a tooth out. If you brush and floss everyday your teeth should be fine. 

Thanks for reading, I hope this answered a question if you were wondering and helped you in creating your own Dental Hygiene Routine.


katiefloss said...

You have stunningly white teeth! Well jel! Thanks for the information xxx

Jordy said...

Thank you so much Katie :) And don't be silly, your teeth are amazing!! xx

John Laser said...

I really want natural looking white teeth, some of the products make your teeth seem too white!

Brandy said...

Congratulations! I follow a similar regimen and have never had a cavity or filling in my adult teeth.

But good dental habits may not get all the credit. I'm not sure what's become of this, but a few years ago it made the news that researchers found that some people have a substantially reduced risk of tooth decay simply because certain types of bacteria are not present in their mouths.

Lirik lagu Sara said...

Perfect pearly white teeth are anybody's dream. They brighten up even the most ordinary face and make us more confident facing others

Trinidad Philipps said...

No wonder your smile is seemingly sparkling! You’ve got the best team to make your teeth whiter and also stronger. If you don’t mind, how long have you been applying these marvelous stuffs? Keep that smile shining, Jordy! =)

Unknown said...

Is that your smile on the photo? Wow! You really do have a perfect set of pearly whites. Thank you for sharing your dental routine steps. Hopefully, your readers who will follow through your advices achieve the same result. Cheers!

Clyde Miller @ Smile Care Shop

Felipe Roberson said...

Thanks for the tips, Jordy! I must say, you have a wonderful smile. Well, I don’t think there’s a secret in having a perfect set of teeth. All one has to do is follow the basic oral regimen while using reliable and effective products, and going to their dentist for regular dental checkups. Doing so will definitely keep their pearly whites looking healthy and bright. Have a nice day!

Felipe Roberson @ Philly Dentist

Anonymous said...

Great tips and great smile you have with you. Just don't skip to do the oral hygiene. Then you use a very effective product to help you maintain your teeth whiter.

Unknown said...

I constantly like to read a top quality content having accurate info pertaining to the subject and the exact same thing I found in this article. Nice job.

Donnell Nash said...

Thaks for this oral product, it's works done it once a week and my teeth are sparkling white.

Michael Miller said...

Love this toothpaste, I cant say that it dramatically whitens your teeth but you definitely do notice a subtle difference! The main reason why I like this toothpaste so much is it has a very strong minty taste that leaves your breath smelling great for ages!

Jeffrey Olive said...

I use this in conjunction with the Orabrush tongue cleaner and it is an awesome combination. I put the foam on my tongue, then brush and scrape it with the Orabrush.