Tuesday, June 26, 2012


The formulation of your concealer can dramatically affect the effectiveness of covering acne. Although there are many different formulations including stick, pot and liquid, I find that thick pot concealers such as MAC Studio Sculpt give the best coverage.

The colour of your concealer is of most importance to help avoid blotches in your foundation or even accentuating the acne. Your concealer is always most beneficial when it is one shade lighter than your foundation. Green concealers can also help neutralize redness in acne so would be useful to look into. 

Apart from using your fingers to help melt the product in with body heat, brushes can also be effective in covering acne. The best brushes to use are small and flat like the MAC 217 brush and EcoTools also has a great concealer brush.

My all time favourite foundation is Chanel Mat Lumiere because it is a full coverage foundation that does a great job working with concealer to cover acne. Choose an oil free foundation to help achieve a shine free look and make sure that the foundation you choose is full coverage and matches your skin tone.

Choose an oil free powder to help take shine away without irritating your acne. Don't over do it because that could just make your acne look worse and make sure you use a brush and not the makeup pad that comes with it.

Using a primer will ensure your concealer and foundation stays put where you place it to conceal blemishes. You can also find primers which aim specifically to reduce the redness in acne and these may be tinted green which further helps cover acne.

TIP 7 
The best time to conceal is after primer but before foundation. You just have to be careful when you place your foundation over your concealer that you don't rub it off accidentally.

If your using a kabuki brush to apply your powder or a stippling brush to apply your foundations that those brushes don't remove your concealer underneath.

TIP 9 
I am a big believer that it is important to invest in good quality face makeup. There is quite a big difference between drugstore quality foundations and high end quality foundations so it's best to invest in face products rather than eye products.

TIP 10
Once you have properly concealed all of your acne with makeup, it's important that you don't touch your face or the acne on your face because you could take off the makeup you spent so much time putting on.

Thank you so much for reading, I hope these tips helped!


katiefloss said...

Loved this post, this is so helpful :) although you do have flawless skin! xxx

Unknown said...

Great tips <3 !

Anonymous said...

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