Monday, July 2, 2012


Hey girls,
I love Face Of Australia products and their nail polishes are no exception so I really wanted to review two colours that I have been loving.
Price: These retail for only $4.95 and sometimes you can get them on a sale if they have 10% or 20% off FOA products. This makes them very affordable.

Colour: Out of the two colours I picked up, the colour payoff has been great! They are so opaque and you only need one coat to achieve desired results.

Consistency: They are a really creamy and smooth formula that glides onto your nails, making it a lovely experience to apply. 

Quantity: Each bottle contains 13ml so a little less than an OPI.

Longevity: I have been able to wear both of these polishes without a top coat for about 4 days before it begins to chip.

Packaging: I really love the square shape on the bottles and long brush handle is helpful during application.
Lemon Sorbet (Luxe Collection)
This is a gorgeous pastel yellow colour! The issue that I have with nearly all of the yellow nail polishes I have had in the past is that they are too sheer therefore don't look attractive at all but this one is absolutely amazing! It's completely opaque after one coat and has such lovely colouring.
Verdigris (Molten Metallics Collection)
A really unique colour which is a silver marbled formula with gold reflects. This could be compared to the Chanel Peridot polish as it has the some sort of effect on the nails.

My overall opinion of FOA products is really high and these nail polishes are really impressive as far as quality and colour range go.

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