Saturday, August 11, 2012


The beauty blogger for August is Julia from her blog Julia's Fashion Minute and her YouTube channel juultje1992! I caught up with Julia and asked her some questions about blogging/vlogging, her style and favourite beauty products so keep reading to find out more about this talented blogger!
What inspired you to begin beauty blogging and vlogging?
I was inspired to blog by magazines. I wanted to share my opinion on style and beauty products with the world.  I actually had some failed attempts before I actually started, but now I love it more than anything in the world. I can’t imagine my day without writing a blog article. For vlogging I actually got inspired by my ex-boyfriend. He saw me watching a lot of makeup videos on YouTube and he was like you can do this yourself too! That’s when I grabbed my camera & started filming.

How would you describe the clothes you wear?
Comfortable and stylish. I especially love to wear pink, black ahnd white. For details I love bows, pearls, lace and leather.
How would you describe your makeup style?
I love to wear a subtle smoky eye and I love to keep my cheeks & lips pink and toned down.
When you’re not blogging or vlogging, what do you enjoy doing with your time?
I don’t know why but I love to spend my time watching TV shows. Or shopping of course ! I also read a lot of blogs in my spare time.
Beauty products you couldn’t live without and why?
My vanishing cream by Lush, High beam by Benefit & Super orgasm by NARS.
Because the Vanishing cream by Lush is one of the few products that doesn’t give me break outs but prevent it. High beam by Benefit is a must have and a life saver! Super orgasm by NARS is just my all time favorite  blush that goes with everything.

Do you prefer making videos or blogging?
Actually I prefer to blog, you can do it whenever you want. You don’t have to dress up or make sure the lighting is right and it takes less time than putting a video together. Don’t get me wrong I also love to make videos but I just prefer blogging more than vlogging at the moment.
 Thanks again to Julia for being my August Beauty Blogger! I seriously recommend checking out her informative blog and awesome YouTube channel.

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