Thursday, August 23, 2012


I made my first Jordana purchase recently and I wanted to share my thoughts on them as well as swatches. I decided to try out this new brand because of how inexpensive their products are from places such as Beauty Joint and Cherry Culture. I must admit, I was a bit skeptical as I'm a believer in getting what you pay for and these are very cheap. For this reason I only picked up two different colours from the Color Effects Bright Eyeshadow range but I was pleasantly surprised to receive fairly good quality products. The pigmentation varies depending on the colours but the quality is definitely impressive considering how affordable these are! Something else you will notice is how unoriginal the names are...which has nothing to do with the product but I thought it was probably worth a mention because the names definitely don't give a good indication of the true eyeshadow colour.
02 Blue is a very vibrant electric blue colour with a fair amount of shimmer. The swatch really doesn't do this eyeshadow justice because it is extremely pigmented and when swatched is true to the colour in the pan. When applied to the lid, it looses a bit of pigmentation but using a good eyeshadow primer and layering can easily solve this issue.
06 Pink is a shimmery mid toned pink which I find is a little less pigmented than the blue one which I suppose just goes to show that the quality depends on the colour. 


MissAshDG said...

I think those would be pretty god over a base. I remember u mentioning these in your video.

Beauty Fiend said...

I love the pink shadow looks gorgeous!
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Chriselle Sy said...

How much were they?

Jordy said...

$1.49 :) xx