Tuesday, August 21, 2012


My new obsession with NYX products is at it yet again when I accidentally on purpose picked up another five NYX Round Lipsticks. I am in love with all of these colours so wanted to swatch them and let you know about these new additions to my collection.
Starting off with Strawberry Milk which I have come to believe is the most popular NYX Round Lipstick as this was recommended to me so much by subscribers that I couldn't pass it up when I realized it was in stock this time. It is a gorgeous warm toned baby pink which is very similar to Saint Germain by MAC and Fetish Pink by YSL. A great basic every girl should have in their lipstick collection.
Narcissus is a slightly darker version of Strawberry Milk and therefore a little more wearable for everyday use. I always receive so many compliments when I wear this colour and it has grown to be one of my favourites that I constantly reach for.
Paparazzi is so similar to my favourite MAC lipstick "Lustering" as it is a dusty rose colour that is extremely wearable. It's one of those neutral colours that you can pull of no matter what eye makeup or clothes your wearing. A much cheaper alternative to MAC Lustering and they are very comparable.
Pink Lyric is a red based hot pink so it's easier to get away with wearing than a straight up hot pink but you still get the same effect. I adore this colour and have gotten so much use out of it because I am a lover of bright lips. If you prefer more neutral colours this probably isn't the best option for you though.
As the name indicates, Hot Pink is a straight up hot pink! The perfect colour for a Barbie Lip and something that really livens up a neutral eye. A very similar colour to Pink Lyric but they are slightly different and it's probably worth having both. 

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What do you think of the NYX Round Lipsticks?


Unknown said...

I love NYX lipsticks too!! All of these shades are gorgeous :) xxx.

The Beauty and The Business said...

I have over 10 round lipsticks from NYX and love everyone of them! I have 4 different tubes of Narcissus because it's my favorite I keep backups just incase it might get discontinued (which it probably won't anytime soon)