Thursday, August 30, 2012


I was ecstatic when I realized that Maybelline Color Tattoo's had finally made their way to Australia and at such a reasonable price, under $10 no matter where your looking to buy them from! The thing you have probably noticed about these products and why they have been so hyped is how similar they are to MAC Paint Pots! Knowing how expensive MAC products are, I can totally understand why people get so excited over cheaper alternatives and I was actually really impressed with the quality comparison between these! In fact, I think I prefer these Maybelline Color Tattoo's to MAC Paint Pots, mainly because they are much more moist than a MAC PP which dry out on me after about a year. Color Tattoo's can be alone or can be used as a base for a powder eyeshadow. I wouldn't say these are an amazing eyeshadow primer so for best results, use these on top of an lid base. I find that the best way to apply these is a thin coat with your fingers to begin with then after allowing that to dry, applying another coat. As it is a cream product, wait until it's dry to open your eyes to prevent creasing. The colours I'm going to be reviewing are "Bold Gold" and "Tenacious Teal".
The swatch below is a couple of coats and the swatch above it the leftovers that were on my fingertip, spread out thinly.
45 Bold Gold is a gorgeous medium toned brassy-gold that look stunning as a quick wash over the lid and equally as amazing when paired underneath powder eyeshadow. It's more of a bronze color than a true gold but this makes it more wearable and I prefer the way it looks more brassy! When placed underneath any powder eyeshadow, it just brings more warm golden tones to the eyeshadow compared to if it was used alone. It gives a different dimension to the shadow and makes it feel like an entirely new colour, giving use to eyeshadows you wouldn't typically reach for. As Spring and Summer are approaching for everyone in the southern hemisphere, I can see myself getting so much use out of this Color Tattoo in particular. Mainly because it is so easy to quickly swipe this over your lid and gives you such a bronze goddess look that is perfect as simple makeup for the warmer weather. This colour has a very gritty texture because of all the amazing fine shimmer in it but this doesn't affect the application ability as it still goes on the lid quite smooth and creamy.
The swatch below is a couple of coats and the swatch above it the leftovers that were on my fingertip, spread out thinly. 
40 Tenacious Teal is an absolutely amazing aqua blue and is the exact colour of OPI "Teal The Cows Come Home" which I thought was interesting if you want your eyeshadow and nails matching! Of course This obviously isn't an everyday colour but it's great if your a makeup junkie who loves experimenting with colour and trying out new looks. The formulation of this one is a little smoother and creamier than Bold Gold as it is less gritty but despite this, it's still equally as glittery.

So those are my opinions on the Maybelline Color Tattoo's. Thanks for reading!


Beauty Fiend said...

Love the look of the blue shadow <3
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Kristy Louise said...

Great review!
That gold is amazing! you have convinced me to go pick one up :)