Monday, November 25, 2013


When Priceline was having their 40% off sale I took it as an opportunity to purchase a whole heap of Essence products, a relatively unexplored brand for me. I had only tried out a couple of their lip products in the past and the stand was jam packed with girls grabbing products left and right so I joined in and bought whatever I could get my hands on. So keep reading to find out my first impressions of these Essence products.

Soft Touch Mousse "01 Matt Sand" ($6.50)
I wasn't expecting too much from this foundation considering I grabbed the only colour available and it's so affordable but let me just say that this is an amazing foundation. Despite the fact that it's slightly too light for me, the consistency is a lightweight mousse that glides on effortlessly and has an extremely natural finish. I absolutely love this foundation and would definitely recommend it if you're on the hunt for a new foundation at an affordable price.

Match 2 Concealer ($4.25)
I have mentioned so many times how I am on the search for a concealer to replace my holy grail MAC Studio Sculpt that was recently discontinued and so I had high hopes for this one and it came through. Although this isn't a replacement for my all over face concealer, this is great for the undereye area and highlighting.

Eyebrow Designer "04 Blonde" ($2.50)
So the colour I chose was the lightest one there, possibly the lightest one in the range and yet I still think it was slightly too dark. I loved the formulation and accuracy of the stick though and it is a great pencil so I would recommend it if you're not as light haired as I am.

Eyebrow Stylist Set ($4.25)
There are a few things I don't like about this products starting with the packaging, it is extremely cheap packaging of two pans in a flimsy plastic container. I also dislike the fact that there are two colours in the pack rather than just being able to choose your colour; I get that you can use two tones for a more natural effect but not when one is dark brown and the other is nearly black while I'm blonde and it's the only colour option. Again, I would recommend it if you're not as light haired as I am.

Kajal Eyeliner Pen "04 White" and "24 Pretty in Fuschia" ($1.75)
The white eyeliner is perfect for rimming the bottom water line to open up the eyes and look more awake. The fuschia colour I actually picked up with intentions to use it as a lip liner and have since tried it and absolutely love the consistency. Despite not being as creamy as the lip liners, it still does the trick perfectly.

Eyeliner Pen ($4.25)
I was interested in this one because I wanted to see if it was comparable to the liquid liner I currently use, the Maybelline Master Precise and if it was similar then it would be a great dupe at a fraction of the cost. unfortunately, it tugged on my eyes a lot and didn't glide on at all, leaving my lids irritated

Lip Liners "07 Cute Pink" and "06 Satin Mauve" ($1.75)
These are hands down the most incredible lip liners I have ever tried in my life and at such an affordable price you can't go past them.

Lipstick "All About Cupcake" ($3.50)
This lipstick was just stunning and the formulation was incredible. I only picked up one because they had sold out of all the other colours that would have appealed to me but I will definitely be going back for more considering how affordable they are. Also it tasted like jellybeans, so yum!

XXXL Shine Lipgloss "Bright Side of Life" and "Just Georgeous" ($2.95)
No I didn't misspell the title of the second colour, it's seriously called "Just Georgeous". Despite the strange names, these glosses are incredible with such a smooth formulation and weightless consistency.

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Anonymous said...

Would love to maybe see swatches on your hand as well in future first impressions videos/blog posts :)

Unknown said...

I loved reading your opinion on the Essence products. I also own the all about cupcake lipstick, both eyebrow set and pencil && the lipliners.

It's indeed a shame that the eyebrow pencils and eyebrow kit are so dark because they're amazing! I have been using both for almost 7 years!

great article!

Anonymous said...

I agree, swatches would be very helpful! I love Essence though.

Anonymous said...

I had two eyeshadows and a nail polish from essence. One of the eyeshadows applied very sheer and chalky so I just threw it out. I adore the other and the polish though, because both work very well. I'm excited to try out their lipliners, given that you liked them! x

Jordy said...

All About Cupcake is just gorgeous :) Oh those products would be absolutely perfect on you and your hair colour! x

Jordy said...

@Anonymous I didn't include swatches because that's what the First Impressions video was for! Seeing the application and colours through video is much more close to real life than photos :) Also, why would I swatch on my hand when I can apply the products where they are supposed to go...that gives a much better indication of how they will actually appear when used :)

Jordy said...

I haven't heard many good things about their Eyeshadows so it doesn't shock me to hear that unfortunately. The lipliners are great, you will love them :)

Unknown said...

Great review Jordy! My favorite essence product has to be the eyebrow powder cos I have naturally dark hair so it suits me perfectly :-)

Ashii said...

I've only tried a couple of things from Essence, the eye primer which is really good, and one of the extreme mascaras which I really liked. I had a look recently and nothing really appealed to me, I'll have to try their lipsticks! xx