Wednesday, July 30, 2014

 Last night I attended the Brisbane Wintergarden Media Walk Through which showcased some of the amazing brands available from that shopping mall. The five stores we stopped into for a visit were Coach, Seed, Mecca Maxima, Designer Archives and M.J. Bale. It was fun to run into other Brisbane Fashion Bloggers and Brisbane Beauty Bloggers as it is at all these sorts of events. It was a fantastic night, very well put together by the Wintergarden centre so keep reading to find out more about all the stores involved in this event.

Outfit Details
Crop Top- Melrose Avenue
Skirt- Topshop
Shoes - Betts
Purse- Colette
Blazer- Myer
Watch- Guess
Bracelet- Cartier

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MJ Bale
This shot was taken at the store striving to ensure Brisbane men dress better, focussing on suits and officewear. You would think that this stop would have been boring or uninteresting but definitely not, the suits were incredible to look at and the materials were phenomenal. 
I think I could easily spend a whole day in this store touching all the amazing materials and checking out the gorgeous patterns on offer. I love the current black, white, beige and cream colour scheme going on as well as how they randomly just some leopard print and other amazing designs in there.
Mecca Maxima
Beauty heaven. Showcasing all the new product launches and sending us home with the cutest goodie bag, this was one of my favourite stops! I could spend endless amounts of time in there staring at the Hourglass ambient powders and drooling over all the incredible skincare in there.
Designer Archives
The concept behind this store is awesome because what they specialise in is reselling pre-loved designer items. This means that you can still buy your favourite designer items but at a much more affordable price. The shoe closet in here was insane.
Goodie Bag Galore
Each store was lovely enough to provide a gorgeous goodie bag packed with little gifts and lots of information on upcoming product/line launches.

The store I didn't manage to snap a photo of was Coach because that was the first stop and it was more of an information-packed and close-knit group session so I was too busy chatting with the girls. But something exciting I wanted to make sure I include in this post, despite a photo, was that the new range coming out is going to be funkier and more eye-catching than ever. Even better is that the new collection will be launched in Australia at the same time it is in the US, Europe and everywhere else worldwide.
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Unknown said...

I love that top you wore! Such a pretty colour ♡

Eila | theblushingbrunettes

Jordy said...

Thank you so much lovely! I'm definitely obsessed with that colour (if you read my previous post all about it you would definitely know lol) xx

Jess-Lee said...

I absolutely love your outfit! I have been watching your videos since you first started and only just found your blog xo

Thomas Maloney said...

Haha! I would think most girls would love to spend the whole day at the shops. It's a dream of being able to have actual storage closets for their clothes that fuels the need to shop, and let me say that I have the same dream!

ChristopherJames said...

Great sharing and I could see you really had so much fun. It is always a good platform where you are able to share experiences and exchange information with the people from a similar industry. It gives you an opportunity to really seek clarity in areas that you might have doubts in. I was at a nearby self storage and if not mistaken I did see the event but did not go in as I wasn't invited. It must have been an eye-opening event for sure.

ThomasMaloney said...

My wife loves these makeup launch things when she can get invited to them. Especially when they have those mobile pod stations for her to try out the different products.