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Going to a MAC counter for the first time can be overwhelming, in the best way possible, and even more confusing if you don't know what you're looking for. Not only is MAC a brand that offers unbelievable amounts of products in so many shades (making it easy to get lost amongst it all) but they are more expensive than your typical Maybelline or Rimmel product so it requires a bit more thought for you to spend your money on. It seems as though a lot of you have been going to MAC for the first time and are unsure where to start since I have received so many messages seeking advice for which products I would recommend first up. If you're going into MAC for your first time then I would advise a game plan to make sure you don't become overwhelmed with everything on offer. MAC have pretty much everything but you don't need everything on your first trip, that's why I have created this starter kit where I have recommended which MAC essentials are worth looking into first up.


Pressed Powder
I have tried multiple MAC pressed powders and they are all amazing but I always seem to go back to my MAC Studio Fix because it's such a fantastic product with heaps of colour options. You're guaranteed to get your moneys worth out of this product since you will most likely use it every day.

I still own the first and original MAC MSF in Soft & Gentle that I purchased and I have used it hundreds of times with still no dent in the product to be seen. This particular shade works on so many different skin tones and is versatile to be used as a cheek bone highlight, eyeshadow, brow bone highlight and overall shimmer.

The cream blush that I would recommend most is Lady Blush because it's such a natural colour and you will definitely get your use out of it. It's extremely versatile in the way that it matches every single face/eye look and all different colours. It's perfect for both Winter and Summer since it's a cream product so it adds that extra moisture for the cooler weather or blends easily for a lightweight finish in the warmer weather.

If you're someone whose skin just doesn't agree with cream blushes then a powder blush is probably a better option for you. MAC Dolly Mix is similar to Lady Blush because it's the perfect day and night colour that matches any look.

I have tried nearly every single MAC concealer and I really enjoy them however my ultimate favourite is the MAC Studio Sculpt that has sadly been discontinued recently. So just have a look around and test out some to see which you prefer. They have such a large variety including liquid, cream, stick and pot types so there's something for everyone. Most have extremely great coverage so definitely worth checking out!

I wouldn't recommend lip gloss first up since the drugstore offers so many great dupes. On the other hand though, I would highly recommend checking out MAC lipsticks because they are some of the best that I have ever tried, especially considering the price. I would go for two different lipsticks; a really bold going-out appropriate shade and then an everyday neutral lippy. I would recommend MAC Snob as your everyday colour if you have similar colourings to myself but there are so many different nudes and neutral pinks that MAC offer so do a bit of swatching to find your perfect shade. The higher impact colour that I would recommend is Ruby Woo because it is the perfect red that you could wear for any sort of special occasion.

Similar to any other brand, there are both good and bad MAC shadows, all dependent on their formulation and pigmentation. So make sure to do your swatching in store to ensure it's the eyeshadow you're looking for. They are $32 if you buy them in a pot or a bit cheaper if you buy them singularly. I would probably recommend investing in a MAC palette then buying your shadows singularly since it makes them much more accessible and every since I have depotted my MAC shadows I have gotten so much more use out of them.

I would recommend four colours; a highlight shade, a lid colour, a crease shade and an eyebrow colour. My go-to highlight colour that also sometimes transitions into my lid colour is Blanc Type. My go-to lid colour is definitely Naked Lunch because it's the perfect glittery neutral shade. For the crease I would recommend Cork and for eyebrows it really depends on your hair colour but I personally love Wedge.

So those are my MAC recommendations for when visiting a counter for the first time, I hope that you found it helpful! It might make wandering through the endless rows of lipstick and blush a little easier :)
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Sheri said...

Yes love MAC lipsticks! My fave is Creme Cup. I'm interested in trying their pro long-wear concealer.

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