Thursday, November 27, 2014


Us girls have a lot to do in the shower and between shaving, exfoliating, fake tanning and moisturising, we do a lot of bending and straining. That's why I was so excited when I found a product specifically designed to improve our shower experience. The Elevare Shower Foot Rest simply applies to the corner of your shower and provides you with a convenient step to make those shower chores easier for you. I've labelled this the product I've always looked for because it's a solution to an everyday problem of struggling in the shower.

It’s a shower step perfect for shaving, tanning, exfoliating and moisturizing. I'm sure a lot of you girls probably experience the same daily issue and would definitely benefit from hearing about a product such as this so let me tell you a little more about it.

When I first received this product I was so excited by the concept and thought if this thing could really work then it would be a godsend. Just looking at it it's hard to picture how it would actually be effective so I was a little unsure but after trying it for myself I was amazed as well as super stoked that I now have a foot rest in my shower.

It's really easy to apply but if you do find you're having some trouble then Elevare have you covered with a handy shower sticker that guides you into placing your Shower Foot Rest correctly. 

The main reason this product is so great is because it's super easy and simple to fix to your shower, time effective since I'm able to zoom through all of those daily shower chores and portable since it's so compact and small. This has become a product that I now use on a daily basis and don't know how I ever lived without because it's made everything so much easier.

This shower foot rest is as easy at 1, 2, 3...
Step 1: Simply place the ergonomically designed shower rest in the corner of your shower and the non-slip rubber grips will keep your leg balanced and secure.

Step 2: With your leg at a convenient, ergonomic height you can shave, tan, exfoliate, apply hair removal treatments or moisturise comfortably and safely.

Step 3: When you are finished simply rinse the Elevare down in the shower. The elegant, one piece design is easy to clean and has an integrated hanger detail that can also store your razor neatly.

Needless to say there would have been a lot of designing thought put into the creation of this product, to make it possible for us girls to have a shower free of back straining effort. Designed by one of Australia's best industrial design companies, above is a picture that indicates the sort of depth that went into the design element which I can completely appreciate. Elevare uses only high quality and premium materials and has snagged some amazing awards due to this fab product including; winner of the 2014 Sydney Design Awards, Silver Winner of the 2014 Melbourne Design Awards and Finalist in the 2014 Victorian Premier's Design Awards. Pretty impressive!

I love that this product is extremely affordable and accessible because for something you will be using everyday, it isn't going to break the bank account. At only $29.95 for one, or if you have two bathrooms in your house then you might want to pick up an additional Elevare. Especially because they have a deal where you can get two for $49.95. Available both online and in-store at The Shaver Shop, you will definitely be able to get your hands on this product.
My only wish is that Elevare come out with even more colours, as much as the orange is great, I would love to buy numerous colours and swap them out depending on my mood, just like you do your shampoo and body wash. Something to note though is that the Elevare does come with a unique drawstring travel bag and special colour option of lilac!
Visit Elevare to learn more and buy direct from the website here or from The Shaver Shop here.
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