Friday, January 23, 2015


I recently purchased my very first pair of red bottoms, an investment I have been wanting to make for years now. Personally, I love investing in designer items that I know will last a lifetime and stay classic throughout the years. 

They are an iconic fashion statement adorned by celebrities, models and fashionistas everywhere. Christian Louboutin has been tagged the man who made shoes sexy and with good reason, there is something about those soles and the designs that go with them that encompass everything feminine and luxury.
I wanted something classic and classy that I could wear on a daily basis and that would represent me. I chose the Pigalle design in the height 100mm with my main reasoning being that they don't have a platform so can be used as "basic" heels for daily use. I chose the 100mm height because it's the perfect in-between since I didn't want as low as 75mm (since I am quite short) but 120mm was a bit too high for what I was looking for.
So if you're looking to take the plunge and purchase your first pair of high end shoes then I would highly recommend delving into the world of Christian Louboutin.

Thanks for reading!