Monday, January 26, 2015


I’m introducing you to a new brand that’s going to revolutionise the way you curl your hair. I’m talking about Casualcurl and their lovely products that leave you with salon quality hair.

The premise of these Casualcurls is that they give you soft salon curls. It’s such an easy and fuss free way of curling your hair but it’s also really unique and I’ve never seen anything like it. 

So How Does It Work?
The Casualcurl attaches to your blow drier and heats evenly from the inside out, moulding the hair into a curled formation. Once you have had the blow dryer on for about 30 seconds, you can turn it off and allow your Casualcurl to cool. This is why multiple Casualcurls are recommended that way you can do all of your hair in about half the time. 

Due to the blow dryer not having direct contact with your hair, it’s very unlike straightening or curling irons that have direct contact with your hair and can therefore damage it so it’s better for the health of your hair. 

Something to note is that the Casualcurl does require the dryer heat to be quite hot to achieve best results, mainly because the heat isn’t being directly applied to the hair.
It’s such a unique product that it’s even patented technology so you won’t be able to get anything like it elsewhere.

The Verdict
I absolutely adore this product and it has made curling my hair so easy so I would definitely recommend it! You would have rarely seen me with curly hair before this product and it’s because it was just too much hassle before. I would either use my ghd the curl which takes quite a long time or I would use a curling iron and always end up burning myself or just avoiding curling my hair all together. 

I think the pricing on this product is really fantastic because for the price of one blow dry and style at the salon, you can buy a tool that you can use at home for unlimited times so you really get your money’s worth.

How-To / Demo
1. Brush your hair thoroughly so that the spikes in the Casualcurl won’t get stuck in your hair and you can effortlessly let the curl drop.
2. Place the casualcurl at the tips of your hair then roll inwards at an angle.
3. Once you have curled it up all the way, get out your blow dryer and attach it to the Casualcurl then turn it on for about 30 seconds.
3. After blow drying for 30 seconds leave it for an additional 30 seconds to cool but don’t worry the Casualcurl itself won’t be hot so you can handle the barrel, it’s just giving time for your hair inside to set.

Additional Tip: Definitely make use of those handy Casualcurl clips either to section off your hair or to hold the rollers in place.
For a chance to be one of four to win a Casualcurl, watch the video below for the conditions and enter in the comments over on YouTube.

There will be a flash sale happening for just one day only and that is the 29th of  January.  I'm almost certain the Casualcurls will be 50% off and to me that is absolutely crazy and you should definitely take advantage of that since you can get 2 Casualcurls for the price of one. It's definitely a great opportunity to give this amazing product a go!

Thanks for reading!