Monday, January 5, 2015



Most of us blondes have it tough in the eyebrow and eyelash department but with the right products, we can achieve flawless brows just like the brunette beauties.

Invisible blonde hairs are great if we're talking about our arms and legs. I get asked at least once a month if I shave my arms because although they're not hairless, you can't see the hair that is on them. It's also great if you want to go weeks without shaving your legs as it's very hard to tell the difference (but still, kind of gross). However, with every triumph comes a downside and for us blondes that is fine light brows and lashes. Let's focus on the brows for today since eyelashes deserve their entirely own post.
Benefit Gimme Brow
This product is perfect for the blondes who not only have light brows but also sparse and thin ones. Gimme Brow contains little fibres that latch onto your eyebrow hair making them fuller and longer. This isn't a product I reach for every single day because for myself the results are quite dramatic but it's definitely something I use for intense makeup looks when my brows too often disappear against all the bold eyeshadow and liner.   
MAC "Wedge" Eyeshadow
Now this is something I use four out of seven days a week, the other three being makeup free days. Sometimes those four times I just apply Wedge on it's own without any other makeup because I look a little bit funny without eyebrows even when just shopping for groceries or picking up mail at the post office. Wedge is the perfect cool toned brown that is perfect for any type of blonde.
The Tools
My favourite brush for eyebrows is definitely a flat slanted eyebrow brush. There are a few brands that I alternate between; Real Techniques, Sedona Lace and Bobbi Brown. I find that it enables you to get a precise edge for your brows.
Going Pro
If you can't stand living with your barely there brows any longer then there are options available such as tinting or tattooing. Of course they are very different; with one being semi-permanent while the other is permanent making it a huge commitment to contemplate.
You can use Gimme Brow on it's own or over the top of MAC "Wedge". It's really up to you on how you want to use it, depending on how bold you would like your brows to be.
These are the products that work for me and I hope they do for you also. Sorry to all of my brunette beauties as I don't have much experience on that side of brows but I might get one of my gorgeous dark haired friends to give me some tips to pass along for a future article.
Thanks for reading!