Tuesday, January 6, 2015


Someone pinch me because I must be dreaming. Lipsticks with incredible colours, formulations and packaging for under $10...yes please hand me all the lipsticks in all the collections right now.

Yes it's true BOE Beauty have launched a Professionals range and in that they have released four new lipstick collections. Those include; Diamond Finish, Super Shine, Matte and Colour Last. Each collection is unique in colours, formulations and finishes. So let's get into the nitty gritty about each of them as well as some fun swatches to show the colour payoff.
3D Glisten Sparkle Diamond Finish
These products offer a sheer tint of colour with a luminous finish. Being extremely moisturising, they are easy to apply and comfortable to wear throughout the day. The range includes; pinks/purples, reds and a coral.

"Princess" is a beautiful barbie pink with finely milled glitter throughout. Don't worry, it won't leave you with chunks of sparkle on your lips but instead a beautiful shine to the lips. The glitters reflect blue so this will help in achieving a brighter and whiter looking smile.

"Allure" is the coolest and most wearable shade of lilac purple I have ever come across. This fairy floss colour is so unique and looks great on the lips. Similar to the pink shade it has a fine glitter throughout it to really enhance that gorgeous shine and diamond finish.
Water Gloss Dewy Shine Super Shine
If you're a fan of super shiny and juicy looking lips then this is the collection for you. The colour range includes nudes and berries, perfect colours for everyday wear.

"Diva" is a deep berry nude that would be perfect for the cooler weather paired with a sweater and coffee in hand. It's such a rich and vibrant shade that gives amazing colour payoff.

"Flirt" is a deep nude with a peach undertone making it another perfect everyday nude. Due to these lipsticks being a water gloss dewy shine, they are extremely moisturising and hydrating for your lips.
Velvet Soft Colour Matte
This one is for the matte lipstick lovers, BOE has not left you out. This collection contains incredible bright mattes including pinks, reds, corals and cranberry colours.

"Premiere" is an incredible hot red shade that would look amazing at a Summer event or as a pop of colour against white. The matte formulation makes it chic versatile because you can always add a gloss over the top for some shine or leave it as is for a classic bold lip.

"Wicked" is a bright fuchsia and the perfect in between of pink and purple. I love how this one is still bright and fun but extremely wearable at the same time.
Vibrant Lasting Classic Colour Last
Looking for long lasting colour? This collection is perfect for you. It's all about vibrant and long lasting shades.

"Morocco" is a mixture between fiery nude and muted red. It's a great everyday shade that makes a statement but isn't over the top. Making it a perfect work colour that helps you look pulled together but not like you're on your way to a party.

"Aphrodite" is the absolute perfect spiced pink nude. The deep and creamy colour is low maintenance and due to it's long-lasting properties, it doesn't require retouching throughout the day.

From L to R- Princess, Alure, Diva, Flirt, Premiere, Wicked, Morocco and Aphrodite.
Would I recommend every single one of these lipsticks? Yes, without a doubt! Every lipstick from every collection I tried was incredible in every aspect. All of the colours I tried were highly pigmented, glided on and wore amazingly on the lips.
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Those are some really nice colours :]

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Premiere looks beautiful! Want ♡

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