Friday, February 20, 2015


It brings out my inner child when I wear a bright pink glossy lip, a hot commodity in year 7. But who said pink lip gloss is reserved only for pre-teens?!

Especially on Summer days, I like busting out a bright coral or rich pink so here are my 5 perfect pink glosses that I reach for every time I feel like a glossy pout that Barbie would be jealous of.
Daiso Lip Gloss
Yep you guessed it, since this lip gloss is from Daiso it was only $2.80 which poses the question, can you really go wrong?! The answer is no because for just a few dollars you have a beautiful perfect pink but one that is slightly more natural and wearable than your typical pink gloss. Great for those of you who are hesitant to jump right in to the brighter shades. Unfortunately I can't give you an exact type or name for this gloss as it is written in Japanese but I'm sure you will recognise it in the beauty aisle of Daiso.

Edward Bess "First Kiss" Deep Shine Lip Gloss*
The sleek packaging and stunning candy hues pulled me in to this one but I was pleasantly surprised to find the pigmentation and consistency worked for me quite well. This is one of my go-to glosses of this colour and the quality is comparable to a high end product but the pricing is definitely more suited to drugstore. It's a win-win. You can read my full review here.
Benefit "Lollibop" Ultra Plush Lip Gloss*
If you tend to steer clear of tube lipglosses because you have experience one too many gunky and sticky types then this is the one for you. The consistency is unbelievable smooth and creamy, gliding onto the lips and feeling like velvety butter. You can read my full review here.

MAC "Fashion Scoop" Cremesheen Glass
This one is a great option to transition yourself into using bright pink glosses again since it is a primarily clear gloss that reflects light pink. Wearing this over a nude or your everyday neutral lipstick will build up your confidence to go full-blown barbie pout.

NYX "Peaches and Cream" Butter Gloss
A much deeper and saucier pink than the others, this is the ultimate pigmented candy pink lip gloss. It makes a statement on it's own or adds to any lip colour to intensify it. Priced at just $9.95 you can pick up numerous pink shades they offer in this range.
As an Australian beauty blogger, one of my main concerns is making sure that you girls can get your hands on the products I talk about. For that reason I wanted to list where you are able to purchase all of these brands from. Daiso products can be purchased from Daiso stores, there is one in every major city and Brisbane has about 3 (Brisbane City, Indooroopilly and Chermside), Edward Bess can be purchased online from Luxola, eBay and other smaller beauty boutiques. Benefit and MAC can be purchased from their counters in David Jones and Myer. NYX is now easily accessible at Target and also many online boutiques (iKateHouse, Cherry Culture, Beauty Joint etc.)
I hope this post has given you inspiration on ways to wear pink glosses and maybe given you some ideas on what pink gloss to try out next.
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