Tuesday, March 3, 2015



A chic and sophisticated accessory can make an outfit and turn it from usual and somewhat boring to intricate and interesting.

I love myself some beautiful jewellery and have a few favourites that I thought I would share with you. By dress jewellery I am in no way saying that some of these are cheap but I'm referring more to the fact that they are pieces for everyday wear and not proper diamond and gold jewellery.
Hermes H Clic-Clac Bracelet
A Clic-Clac was the very first piece of Hermes jewellery that I invested in but sadly it wasn't this particular one. I bought the gold and white Clic-Clac but unfortunately lost it, I know, I have absolutely no idea how I managed that. I loved the way it wore so wanted to repurchase a Clic-Clac but definitely could not justify buying the same colour combination again, especially since I'm holding out hope of it turning up. Long story short, I went with the silver and black combo and really do love it because it is a lot less flashy than the gold and more of an everyday wear piece.
YSL Oval Artsy Ring
This is another investment piece and what I adore about this one is that it is extremely intricate and bold all at the same time, making a huge statement when worn. These rings come in a variety of colours and shades but my personal favourite is the black because it's so simple and classic making it a very versatile piece.
Colette Gold and Diamond Layered Ring
I love this ring so much and I really wanted to include it in this post because every time I wear this I get compliments so I think it is a ring that most girls seem to like. Not to mention this piece was so incredibly affordable, probably $10 or around that.
Pierre Cardin Watch
This is my absolute favourite dress watch because it is covered from top to bottom in glittering sparkles. It instantly adds a bit of bling to any layering stack but is also a beautiful piece just worn on its own.
Gold and Black Wrap Bracelet
I'm not sure where this bracelet came from but to me is looks incredibly Hermes wrap bracelet inspired and I'm not complaining because to get the same look but obviously for a fraction of the price is truly great. The wrap nature of this piece makes it edgy and chic all at once and can be used casually or paired with nicer pieces for an evening look.
Asymmetrical Gold Cage Cuff
I think this bracelet was out of a FAB Box but it is surprisingly great quality and adds a pop of gold to a pain outfit. The unique design makes it interesting to look at and I would recommend a cuff like this as a staple in every girls dress jewellery collection.
I hope this post has sparked your inspiration into dress jewellery so you might try out some of my favourites or if you already have some of these pieces, perhaps given you ideas on how to wear them.
Thanks for reading!