Wednesday, April 8, 2015


Sometimes it's fun to spend time wandering through the aisles at MAC, browsing all of the products at the counter but other times you just want to pick up some products you know you will love.

Here are my MAC favourites and what I believe to be the best of MAC so you are most likely to love these products I mention. Watch the video HERE or read on for more information on all the products.

MAC "Soft and Gentle" Mineralized Skinfinish ($47)
I picked this baby up on my first trip to the MAC counter many years ago and I still use it to this day. It's a product that you will use everyday and get heaps of use out of. Available here.
MAC "Dollymix" Blush ($41)
A great basic powder blush is a product you will be able to get daily use out of. This particular colour is the perfect everyday pink that suits any makeup look. Available here.
MAC "Ladyblush" Cremeblend Blush ($41)
If you have dry skin then a cream blush may be a better alternative and this colour is extremely natural but also quite buildable. The formulation is creamy and blendable so it's easy to apply. Set with a powder and it won't move all day. Available here.
MAC "Wedge" Eyeshadow ($33)
It may sound unexpected but my favourite brow product from MAC is actually an eyeshadow and I would highly recommend scouting out a colour that perfectly suits your brows. It provides such a natural seamless finish and just one pan will last you years. Available here.

MAC "Lingering" Eyebrow Pencil ($30)
If you are looking to invest in a product specifically targeted for brows then MAC offer eyebrow pencils that are great also. They definitely achieve a more dramatic look so although I prefer eyeshadow on a daily basis, this is great when I'm going for bold brows. Available here.
MAC "Fashion Scoop" Cremesheen Glass ($43)
While I used to be obsessed with Dazzleglasses I now find them way too sticky and umcomfortable to wear. A great alternative are these Cremesheen glasses and Fashion Scoop looks amazing on it's own or over any lipstick colour. Available here.
MAC "Pink Nouveau" Lipstick ($36)
Since my colourings are so fair, I'm not able to pull off nudes or really light pinks so Pink Nouveau is the perfect in between. This powdery medium pink looks natural while also being a pop of colour and not washing out my complexion. Take a look at all the lipstick options MAC have to offer and you are sure to find your signature shade. Available here.
MAC Studio Fix Foundation ($49)
While there are cheaper options available in the drugstore, if you struggle to find a shade that matches you perfectly then it might be worth looking into this line. MAC offer a selection of colours based on your undertone and shade so you can have a perfect match. Available here.
I hope this has been helpful and given you some inspiration for your next visit to MAC.
Thanks for reading!