Thursday, April 9, 2015


If you can stand the destruction that loose powders leave in their path then they are potentially great products to set your foundation with.

There is a lot to consider in a loose powder and not all are made the same, despite them all appearing as white/beige powder. I have spent the last two weeks testing and trying the different pressed powders in my collection and these are the three that I found to be my favourites. Each are different from the next and priced at completely different ends of the spectrum.

BOE Professional Loose Setting Powder
Now this is one of a kind in terms of pricing, costing just $12. It is extremely lightweight, gliding over the skin for a soft and subtle finish. It will set your makeup in place without having an obvious appearance, allowing your foundation too shine through a bit (but only metaphorically since this finish is completely matte). I see this being a great everyday product that is quite fuss-free due to the user friendly packaging.

Maybelline Loose Powder
Here we have a middle ground between high end and really affordable. Maybelline is reasonably priced, with their powder costing $16.95. This particular loose powder has a beige tint to it so it is great if you want a little extra coverage or if you have quite tanned skin and white is too harsh on your complexion. The consistency is slightly wet and very soft with a bit of weight to it so it seamlessly blends into the skin.

Makeup Forever HD Finishing Powder
This product does contain a slight SPF content so it’s best to be careful with for occasions where lots of flash photography will be involved otherwise you might end up looking like ‘Casper the ghost’. The packaging on this one is by far the worst since the top is too narrow to stick a brush in so the powder tends to go everywhere. Good thing the product itself is great quality; waterproof, smudge proof and completely mattifying.

Something to consider with each of these powders is that a little goes a long way and less is more so you are better off using a small amount and gradually adding more as you feel you need it. It’s way too easy to turn into a cake face by accidently filling your brush with too much product or not tapping off the excess before application.

Each of these products has very comparable packaging where the product is finely dispersed through small holes at the top of the plastic which encases it. A criticism for all three is that they don’t have a direct close to shut off the product other than the lid, something Estee Lauder is fantastic about.

My final verdict is that the BOE Professional Loose Setting Powder is definitely the best option due to it's comparability with the Makeup Forever HD Finishing powder, more than double the price.

Thanks for reading!