Wednesday, April 29, 2015


Toni and Guy are a brand that never disappoint my locks with their luxe quality and affordable price. If you are looking for a game-changer hair routine then these might be great options to consider.  

These give real results so let's hear a bit more about these four products and a mini how-to create a sleek centre part look.
TONI and GUY Cleanse Dry Shampoo
I would label myself a dry shampoo connoisseur (if that's even a thing) since it's a product that I use so often and am constantly trying out new and different ones. So believe me when I say that this is a fantastic dry shampoo, perfect for maintaining any style without affecting your hair colouring or smoothness.
TONI and GUY Shampoo and Conditioner for Damaged Hair
My love for this shampoo and conditioner duo is crazy! It is definitely perfect for damaged blondes and fine hair that wants more volume. The shampoo luxuriously suds up to be extremely cleansing without stripping the hair of moisture. The conditioner is amazing for hydrating and nourishing the ends but I always follow it up with a leave in treatment afterwards.
TONI and GUY Classic Smoothing Lotion
This product works best in damp hair before blow drying or to tame fly away hairs after styling. It has a "conditioning sleek hold" so it is not only a leave in conditioner but also a styling cream.  It helps smooth frizz for softer looking hair with conditioned shine.

I have been sporting the centre part lately with blown out and straight locks. I thought I would also add a few tips to this post all about creating the above look using the TONI and GUY products we have been discussing.  
HOW TO: The Centre Part / Nordic Sleek
- Wash hair with TONI and GUY Shampoo and Conditioner OR if you are running low on time, spritz a bit of the Cleanse Dry Shampoo into the roots instead.
- Make a centre part by using your finger or the end of a styling comb to run a line straight through the middle of your hair.
- Add a walnut sized about of the Smoothing Lotion to the ends of the hair and round brush blow dry into a straight look.
All products are RRP $15.99 from Woolworths, Coles, Priceline and Big W.
Thanks for reading!