Monday, April 13, 2015


There are those products that stand out to you as you realise "wow, this is actually doing something" and these three are definitely in that category.

Each of these have dramatically improved my skin and changed it for the better so in this post I'm shining light on them. Often times I would look over products such as this when it comes to writing posts because I use them everyday and figure I've given them enough attention but they are worth talking about!

Bioderma Sensibio H20*
This product has played a crucial role in ensuring I remove ALL of my makeup. Before this product I would rely on a baby wipe or simply my cleanser in the shower, eeekk. I introduced this micellar water into my night time skincare routine as a makeup remover before I cleanse my skin and boy have I noticed the difference. There's no more satisfying feeling than watching all that gross foundation be removed onto the cotton balls and they keep on coming, making me wonder how I ever lived without this product. I have started testing and trying a pre-cleanse oil a couple of times a week, which so far I like, but I will keep you posted on how that goes. This product is available from Priceline for $39.99 each 500ml bottle. Recently, some brands have released their own versions of this cult classic but since I am yet to try them, I will reserve my opinions for a future post.
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Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair*
The extravagant price tag is what kept me hesitant in trying out this product for so long but now, like many others, I can preach it's value. Although the initial outlay will leave you card screaming "what have you donee", the many months of amazing skin will make up for it in tenfold. This serum fixes up any imperfections you may have with your skin; from pigmentation to uneven skin tone and everything in between. I find this to be the perfect balance of gentle and effective so I use it every single night after showering. This product is available from department stores such as Myer and David Jones, retailing for $95.
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NUXE Huile Prodigieuse*
The biggest mistake I made during my early teen years was avoiding moisture and oils out of fear it would further imbalance my already oily skin. I could not have done anything worse to my skin than withhold it from oils such as this NUXE one that actually works to even out the oil balance of your skin, rather than leave it overcompensating for the lack of moisture. Along the same lines, girls with dry skin need to get right onto this. It works to deeply nourish your face, leaving skin hydrated and glowing without becoming overly oily. This is a Winter essential for me otherwise I use it about once a week before bed for some serious hydration. This product is available from Priceline for $39.99 so the pricing is fantastic considering how little of the oil you need.
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An honourable mention goes to the Spa System pictured but you will hear more about it more in an upcoming blog post.
It goes without saying, I would highly recommend each of these three products as my experience with them has been nothing less than fantastic! But splashing out $200, in one go, to own all of them might be a bit excessive so here are my recommendations. The Bioderma Sensibio is the best option for those of you who deal with makeup related breakouts because this product will ensure all of your foundation and other products are removed. The Estee Lauder Serum is for those of you who are looking to invest in an everyday skincare item and have specific concerns you want to target. Lastly, the NUXE oil is recommended for the dry skin girls among us who struggle to find a moisturiser hydrating enough.

Thanks for reading!