Friday, April 10, 2015


A good pressed powder can make or break your foundation; seamlessly setting your base into place with a flawless finish or becoming too powdery and thick.

Here are three products on the market that I can rely on to leave skin feeling and looking smooth and matte.

Chanel Mat Lumiere
Everyone meet my first pressed powder love, Chanel Mat Lumiere. While most start with a cheap drugstore powder in high school, I was fortunate enough to have a mother with expensive taste who would let me borrow her products. Chanel mat Lumiere foundation and powder became my staples at an early age and I still use them to this day. The combination has gotten my through my semi-formal, formal, graduation, first day at Uni, first day at work as a journalist etc. It’s a combination that leaves your skin flawless, moveable (unlike the Estee Lauder Double Wear) and the colouring is incredibly natural so there’s no yucky orange tint. It’s light enough for everyday wear but has buildable capabilities so that you can create a more flawless finish. What more could you ask for in a powder? Now while I highly recommend the combination of both the foundation and powder; the powder stands on its own and can be used without anything else for light coverage or over any foundation.

NARS Powder Foundation
I have come to only expect the best from NARS and luckily I’m not often disappointed. From their shockingly pigmented eye shadows to their beautifully formulated face products such as this one. It is the only powder I have found that comes close to the Chanel Mat Lumiere and I would say they are on-par with each other regarding quality and colouring. This has become a purse essential for me so lucky the packaging is so luxe, standing out from the usual plastic most brands have, with a rubbery case that NARS is distinguished by. This makes it easily found while rummaging around in my purse but let’s forget about the packaging for a moment and talk about the product inside. The consistency is like a smooth butter, silky soft on the skin with a beautiful velvet finish. The colouring on this product is beautifully neutral and gives an amazing base shade for any products to go over such as blush and bronzer.

Maybelline SuperStay
This pressed powder is my go-to for when I’m fake tanned since it does have quite a golden finish. While there are similar powders on the market that have a less orange based undertone, this particular product stands out for me because of the beautiful consistency. The finely-milled powder makes the product super soft to the point where it glides on and melts into the skin with ease. Now this line does have limited options for my fair skinned friends out there so I would definitely reserve this one for when you’re tanned up or if you naturally have quite golden skin.

Now they all sound great but which one is best for you, the lovely lady reading this post?! Well it’s a hard toss-up between the Chanel and NARS products as they are both extremely similar to each other so the best way to choose between them is check out the colour ranges to check if there’s a perfect colour for you that one offer. If there’s options from both ranges then go for the brand you want to try more products from which is why I even tried the NARS product to begin with. Maybelline is always there as an affordable option that is a comparable formulation to those products in the high end but particularly perfect for fake tanned skin.  

Thanks for reading!