Friday, May 22, 2015


Lip creams are the latest craze to sweep the beauty nation but I think these are the cheapest I have found on the market, priced at just $6.95 each!

With four colours on the market, there will be a shade that catches your eye whether it be a natural everyday colour you're after or they have you covered for a bright and bold pout too.

So what's the consistency like? They have that expected pigmented and smooth finish but this particular formula has a slight gloss to it, nourishing the lips and adding a hint of shine with every application. I would definitely say this is my preferred lip cream finish since some other brands tend to be very drying and uncomfortable on the lips.

Let's get into the colour selection...
Sunset is a deep berry pink shade that achieves that "just bitten" look perfect for autumn and winter.
Dusk is a creamy candy pink that looks beautiful on it's own or over any lipstick.
Aura is a vibrant pink red with a slight coral undertone to it, the perfect pop of colour to spice up any boring outfit.
Divine is a neutral dark nude colour, perfect for muting more vibrant lip colours to achieve a more subtle look.

Sammy Harper is the brains behind the scenes of these BOE Perfect Pout Lip Creams and here is what she has to say about the creation process of these amazing products;
While creating the range was a lot of fun it was super hard work with sleepless nights and swatches from armpit to write but the end result has been so worth it. I'm so proud of BOE Professional and can't wait to take all our fans on our beautiful journey!

Pair these lip creams with a BOE Professional lipstick for an eye catching perfect pout!
Sunset goes well over the top of the Morocco Colour Last lipstick.
Dusk goes well over the top of Aphrodite Colour Last lipstick.
Aura goes well over the top of the Premiere Velvet Soft Matte lipstick.
Divine goes well over the top of the Diva and Flirt Super Shine lipsticks.
See my review and swatches on the BOE Professional lipstick ranges.

As previously mentioned, these are only $6.95 each and you can get your hands on them from Big W. I would highly recommend picking up at least a couple of shades because you will find they become a go-to for a quick and easy perfect pout.

Thank you for reading!