Monday, May 25, 2015


Whether you have oily skin or dry skin, a big budget or not much to spend then one of these three foundations may be the perfect match for you.

If you are someone who is yet to find their holy grail foundation then this is for you! Or if you are simply wanting to try some amazing drugstore and high end products then you definitely want to give this is a read as well.

Maybelline SuperStay Better Skin ($23.95)
This is the best foundation from the drugstore that I have tried yet. I had this foundation sitting in my draw for at least six months before I finally gave it a go, mainly because I didn't get along with the original SuperStay foundation. This foundation has a lovely creamy consistency that seamlessly blends into the skin for a natural but full coverage look. The undertone is a beautiful neutral with hints of pink so it's quite wearable and will match a lot of skin tones since it doesn't lean too much towards one or the other. The colour selection is phenomenal, with shades light enough for really pale skin which I know can sometimes be a challenge to find. This foundation is available in a 30ml bottle from Priceline, Kmart, Target, Big W and other pharmacies that stock Maybelline.
Recommended for: Dry and normal skin.
Estee Lauder Double Wear
Most probably the highest coverage foundation I have ever tried and it does have it's downfalls such as the paint like consistency that dries in a way that you can feel it on your face. But to me, the coverage is well worth any feel on the skin because if you are looking for flawless skin then this will be your holy grail. I'm convinced that this stuff could cover the worst pigmentation and deal well with acne. Just be cautious of ensuring you remove this really well at night otherwise it could cause you to break out. It can be quite drying so this would be perfect for oily and normal skin otherwise dry skin can definitely wear it but just be cautious to hydrate beforehand and afterwards. The colour range is reasonable and the shade I am in is the second from lightest called "Ecru". This foundation is available in a 30ml bottle from David Jones and Myer.  
Recommended for: Oily and normal skin or dry skin in Summer.
Chanel Mat Lumiere ($72)
I have been using this foundation for about 5 years now when I started wearing makeup and keeping in mine I'm only 19, that's a fair amount of time to be loyal to a foundation. It was the one my mum wore and I borrowed from her so I guess that is how I found this foundation. It was a life saver when I had oily skin because it completely mattifies the skin, leaving a great full coverage that's still blendable and moveable on the skin. This foundation is available in a 30ml bottle from David Jones, Myer and stand alone Chanel stores. It contains a light SPF of 15 for a bit of added protection against the sun but definitely something to keep in mind for night events where flash photography might be occurring, to avoid that ghostly white reflection of the flash. I'm in the colour 2.0 Clair which is the second lightest shade.
Recommended for: Oily and normal skin or dry skin in Summer.
So before you drop a heap of money on a high end foundation, it could be worth checking out the Maybelline one to see if it works for you. Otherwise if you are simply looking to explore more luxe products then my picks are Double Wear for a full coverage night foundation or Mat Lumiere for a medium to high coverage everyday foundation.
Thanks for reading!