Monday, May 11, 2015



Your skincare routine can become a balancing act, trying to get just the right amount of exfoliation, cleansing and hydrating.  

It also very much varies from person-to-person  as everyone has completely different skin. Nevertheless, I want to share my skincare routine with you because I feel like it may give you some idea of amazing products on the market that I love so much I use them daily or at least weekly. So let's get into talking about all the products I use in my night-time skincare routine.

 Bioderma Micellaire Water  ($29.99) / Cleansing Oil
It's time to remove that makeup. Depending on how much makeup I have worn that day, I will use one of these products. I find that the Bioderma water is great for days I have applied a light face of makeup like BB Cream and Mascara. Then on the days that I need a bit of extra help scrubbing off black eyeliner or heavy foundation, I will use a cleansing oil first then follow it up with the water. Read a full review on the Bioderma Micellaire waters.
People for Plants Foaming Cleansing Gel ($24.99)
Then I hop in the shower to hep open up my pores and give my skin a good cleanse. I alternate this product with Cetaphil because what I look for in a cleanser is gentle and hydrating cleanser so I avoid harsh and abrasive products. I love how organic and natural this product is while still being really creamy and feeling great on the skin. You can purchase this product from Priceline.
Mary Kay Timewise Toner / La Mav Rose Mist ($24.95)
This alcohol-free toner is extremely moisturising and softening so it is perfect for dry skin. For something event more gentle, I opt for a rose water mist such as the one from La Mav since it is refreshing and a great alternative to a toner. You can purchase the rose mist from the La Mav website.

Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair
Hydrate the deeper layers of your skin with a serum. We all know my love for this product but it really is justified considering I have seen a noticeable difference to the radiance and elasticity of my skin so I really notice a difference when I don't use this product. It's a not-to-miss step of my routine. Read a full review on this product.
NUXE Huile Prodigieuse ($39.99)
This multipurpose dry oil has many different uses but for my skin I love how hydrating it is while not being uncomfortable or gross on my face. It is a dry oil so suitable for all skin types; hydrating dry skin and actually balancing out oil production in oily skin. It's no wonder that this product is a staple in French beauty cabinets, you can read all about that here.
Obagi Medical Hydrate Moisturiser ($25.51)
Lock in moisture to the surface layer of your skin for hydration you can feel. If you are someone who has really dry skin and can't find anything nourishing enough, this product is unlike any other I have tried. It really has a significant impact on clearing up dry patches of skin, improving texture and of course moisturising the surface layer. Read more about this product on the Obagi website.
So those are all of the products that I use on my skin on a regular basis, I find the combination to be really effective and balance well. Although I would highly recommend all of these products, keep in mind that your skin might react differently to them so it would be ideal to try mini sizes or samples before investing in them.
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Thanks for reading!